Thursday, March 31, 2022

Miami Open 2022

Two years ago, I wrote a post about tennis.  It's time for the update.

I had been sitting on my SeatGeek credit for two years.  They were kind enough to extend my credit for an extra year in February of 2021.  As the expiration date approached in February of 2022, I decided to once again buy Miami Open tickets.

Originally, we had two tickets for Friday evening, March 27, 2020 in Section 102, Row 7 and a realistic chance of seeing either Djoković or Nadal play.  Thanks to the pandemic, the tournament was cancelled.

The 2021 Miami Open was held but the top players had announced in advance that they would not be playing and fans were limited.  That brings us to the 2022 Miami Open.

As my credit was expiring, I bought 3 tickets ($300) in February for Section 101, Row 1 for Friday evening March 25th.  There would be no Djoković or Federer but major winners Nadal, Murray, and Medvedev were a possibility for us to watch play.

Fast-forward to a week before the tournament and Nadal announced that he was withdrawing due to injury.  And with that, my wife lost all interest in going.  She likes tennis but without the Big 3, she asked if I could find a replacement.  Our friend in Miami, who was going with us, had no trouble finding a replacement to take my wife's ticket.

Typically, the number one seed (or #2) play in primetime on Friday evening.  Andy Murray ended up winning his round one match Thursday night and was set to face #1 Medvedev Friday evening.  A fantastic match, in my opinion, since both had previously been ranked #1 in the world and both are major winners.

On Thursday evening, the schedule was released and the match was set for noon on Saturday.  The organizers put the #1 seed as the first match of the day on Saturday.  It is my belief that the Miami Open organizers (due to Medvedev being Russian and the current war in Ukraine) moved the match intentionally to noon Saturday instead of letting them play in primetime.

It had been disappointing knowing that the Big 3 weren't going to play in the tournament.  This last minute switcheroo sucked for me but it validated my wife's decision not to go.  I flew down Friday afternoon and was picked up by the two friends at FLL.  We drove straight to the Hard Rock Stadium.

We saw two matches.  The first one was a women's match between a major winner from Poland, Iga Swiatek, and Swiss, from a Serbo-Croatian family, Viktorija Golubić.  The #2 ranked Swiatek had no trouble winning in straight sets.

The second match was an exciting three-setter between Americans, Frances Tiafoe and Brandon Nakashima.  It's hard not to think - what if the pandemic had not happened and the Big 3 showed up as expected.  I did accomplish my goal of attending all major sporting events on my list.  But, my mission to see Djoković play live will have to wait another day.

With everything that has happened over the last two years, attending a live sporting event with perfect weather and a cold beer in hand sure felt good.

Few photos from Friday...

Cruise Ship

Hard Rock Stadium

Swiatek preparing to serve

Tiafoe serving


  1. Well, at least you now still have a tennis quest. And ... especially for those who live in areas that were really restricted by KOVID, getting out and getting away to do almost anything is a welcome event.

  2. We've got a couple of tennis trips to plan - Mrs AC wants to go to Wimbledon later this year and I'm happy to sit and enjoy a beer whilst watching

    I'm not looking forward to the 2nd though - it's a big birthday for my mum and she wants to go to the NY Open. It's going to need a huge amount of beer to make travelling with her tolerable! I might have some last minute business in Australia which makes me unable to attend 🤣

    1. haha, those are some nice tournaments. Thoughts on the WC22 draw/groups?

    2. Quite happy with our draw but wish we'd avoided the winner of the Wales, Ukraine or Scotland playoff winner - we had Scotland in the Euros and them playing us was their final!

      Mrs AC is not so happy that the USA drew England though!

      I think you guys have a good chance of making it out of your group - Brazil are obviously the favourites but I'd fancy your chances against the Swiss and Cameroon.

    3. I'd like to see Wales qualify, they haven't been to a World Cup since 1958. Many are complaining about our group but I am not. A one goal loss vs Brazil is acceptable. The other two games will prove how competent the coach and the squad are. The talent is there.