Wednesday, September 6, 2023

First Visit to Oriole Park at Camden Yards

First post of the year and it's September already.  You'd think I've been asleep like Rip Van Winkle!

This year, I've been watching more baseball on TV.  Several reasons have contributed to this: the pitch clock, Orioles being really good, and friends who watch the Birds religiously.

In my opinion, the pitch clock might be the main reason why MLB will become more popular and attract new fans.  I've watched plenty of MLB games on TV and this season's viewings have been a better experience.  I've also been to many Nationals games over the years but this O's game was different for sure.  

Gone are the days of the typically long 3 to 3.5 hour baseball games.  It still might happen occasionally but 2.5 hours is the new norm.  The action is back and the eyeballs stay glued to the pitcher's mound.

In the 15 years I've been in the DC metro area, I'd never made it to an O's game.  It was time to change that.  I met my friends in Baltimore City proper after work and by 6pm we were at Pickles Pub.  The place has been around for 35 years.  A cold beer on a pleasant August evening is all one can ask for before the battle of the birds.  The Blue Jays were in town.

After the beers, we headed inside the Oriole Park.  I got a proper tour and another cold beer while the game was delayed a bit due to the "inclement weather."  In reality, there was one rain shower that lasted 10 minutes.  Rest of the evening turned out perfect.

I got to walk down Eutaw Street.  There was the bronze statue of Babe Ruth and all the home run plaques including Ken Griffey Jr.'s (465 feet) on the warehouse from the 1993 home run derby.

We got pretty lucky with our seats.  They were 14 rows above the home plate and cost under $75 thanks to one of the ticket resale websites.

I was looking forward to seeing Kremer pitch but he was moved up a day, so we got to see Gibson on the mound.  I'm a fan of Mullins and Bautista and they both had good games.  Mullins pictured below battling the Puerto Rican pitcher, Berrios.

In the above photo, you can see Bautista pitching vs the 2023 home run derby champ, Vladimir Guerrero Jr.  The Battle of the Dominicans!

The Blue Jays went up 2-0 in the 4th inning.  In the bottom of the 4th, Santander hit a two-run home run to tie it up.  In the 5th, Mullins came through with a two-run homer for the O's.  Henderson drove in another run and the O's were up 5-2.  In the 6th, the Blue Jays smacked one out of the park to make it 5-3.  Bautista came in bottom of the 9th to relieve Gibson who went 8 and did well.  The Mountain struck out the last 3 Blue Jays and the Orioles won again!

As I said at the beginning, baseball is changing.  The happy fans left Camden Yards 2 hours and 15 minutes after the first pitch.  Looking forward to the playoffs and O's making a deep run like the Nats did in 2019!


  1. I've always heard that this is a great ball park. As for the time games take, I went to the longest MLB game of the season on Saturday night, a 13 inning thriller -- Cubs at Diamondbacks. Some purists might not agree, but the extra innings rule of starting the inning with a man on second base made for tons of excitement.

    1. I liked the ball park a lot. I think it's a bit better than the Nationals Park. I do like the man on second rule and I'm OK with it not applying to playoff baseball.

  2. Hey buddy - how's things?

    Did you get tickets for the Euros? Hope you have a good tournament - except for the 1st game that is 😅

    1. Greetings, I got an email earlier in the year stating that we were not picked in the lottery. If you get a chance, watch Attack on Wembley on Netflix. Probably a bit of over dramatization but I enjoyed seeing the fans and the atmosphere (not related to the jibbing part). Best of luck in game 1 and may it end in a 1-1 tie haha

    2. I've seen bits of that film and it doesn't paint us in a good light - sort of harks back to the bad old days of football hooligans rampaging through streets before and after games back in the 80s (English clubs were banned from Europe for quite a few years because of fan behaviour)

      Gutted you didn't get tickets - hope you didn't agree to get them allocated at any time though as Uefa and Fifa are notorious for "finding" extra tickets at the last minute and demanding that fans pay for them. I got allocated England tickets in 2006 on Thursday when the game was on Saturday in Germany!

      Funny day for sports today - we have NY baseball playing in London and probably the fiercest cricket rivalry in India v Pakistan being played in NY

    3. Oh wow, I did not allocate. I did notice that the Mets were playing the Phillies in London but had no idea about the cricket. I watched the French Open today.

    4. Acceptable results today in both C group games. Pulling for England to win the next two games 2-0 each haha