Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Poker Hand: What Would You Do?

We just sat down at a $1/$3 No Limit Texas Hold'em cash game.  We've only seen a few orbits and nobody is getting crazy or out of line.  Our stack is $200 when the following hand is dealt:

We look down at A-Q in late position.  There is a small bet to $6 or $8 and when it gets to seat 10, he makes it $22.  We are in seat 1 and decide to call.  I guess a 3-bet could be an option but if we are giving credit to all (since we don't know their ranges), a call seems acceptable.

Two more players call and the pot grows to $88 as Q-9-6 rainbow flop gets dealt.  It checks to us and we bet $65.  First two players get out of the way and it's back to seat 10.  He started the hand with a $400 stack.  He thinks for a bit and decides to call.

Tanking a bit makes us think that he could have a big hand or something no so good.  The turn is a jack and he checks.  The check doesn't really project weakness because he had seen us bet the flop so he could be setting a trap.

We decide not to build a bigger pot and check behind.  If we were to bet here, I imaging we would have to go all-in with the $113 left in our stack.

Now, before the river, I had told myself that if he bets big on a blank river, we fold.  His line of: bets $22 pre, calls $65 flop, checks turn, and leads big on the river shows a lot of strength.

Well, another jack on the river is not a blank in my eyes.  The board reads Q-9-6-J-J rainbow.  If I'm putting him on K-Q, I like the jack on the river.  He could have K-K (you'd think K-K probably leads flop or turn).

He took two to three minutes and then pushed out a bet of $80.  I was leaning towards a fold before the jack on the river.  But is A-Q-Q-J-J too strong to fold here?

What would you do?

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

One Night in Nashville

I ended the last post with a dilemma.  I was at the airport and unsure what to do from 9 pm until my 6 am flight.  I went online and found a one day car rental at the Nashville airport for $25.  I booked it and walked over to Hertz.  A short while later, I was rolling out of the airport parking lot in the following: