Sunday, October 9, 2016


As I mentioned in the previous post, last Saturday I went to the second to last Major League Baseball regular season game.  As a sports fan, I've been to many sporting events including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA Tour, MLS, NCAA sports, and international soccer and basketball.

The two professional sports that I had not seen in person were NASCAR and tennis.  That list got a little bit shorter after last Sunday.  My coworker had some extra, decently priced, NASCAR tickets for the race at the Dover International Speedway.

I don't follow auto racing regularly but I do watch it from time to time on TV.  I did manage to get three of my friends to tag along for the two hour car ride and check out the race.

First thing we noticed when the race started was the noise.  It is very loud!  We expected this and brought earplugs.  Many of the fans there were wearing noise-reducing race scanner headphones that allow them to listen to the communication on the track between drivers and their teams.

As my friend pointed out, "This was the loudest sport with the quietest fans."  The cars make a lot of noise but the fans sit silently watching the action and listening to their headphones unless something interesting happens.

All the drivers were men except the #10 car that was driven by Danica Patrick. One of the interesting events happened when Jamie McMurry's car blew an engine.  Watching the pit stops and restarts was fun.  I placed two winning "sucker's bets" on NFL inside the Dover Downs casino.  State law only allows parlays.

Overall, it was a fun experience but I don't think I'll be going to another race anytime soon.

I leave you with few photos from NASCAR Sunday.

Let's Go Racing Boys (and Danica)!

#1 Blows an Engine

Pit Stop

Heading Home Across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge


  1. They hold the U.S. Indoors Tennis Championships in Memphis. I went one year and was surprised how hard they hit the ball. You don't realize it when watching on TV.

  2. ive never been in the dover downs casino. how late does the $1-2 NL usually last at night? and hows the VBJ?