Friday, November 17, 2017

A Motley Crew

Sometimes I think that the word poker is defined as a game of skill until the opposing player calls with a terrible hand and the dealer performs a five card magic trick.

It's a $1/$3 game and I'm in seat 5.

Seat 5:  I am your average weekend warrior, be it in poker or golf.  At the table, most of the time, I prefer to tune out all the table chitchat and loud slot machine noises near the poker room by using earphones.  On this occasion, that was not the case.  Plenty of interesting stories and topics were being covered.  Since I didn't get many playable hands, I was happy to be part of the conversation.  Played reasonably well but in the last hour made some major mistakes.

Seat 1: Young black kid.  Probably just turned 21.  He was using that poker lingo and looking very confident.  And then I saw him play.

Hand: I open J-J to $12.  Only he calls with $90 behind.  The flop is J-2-4 rainbow.  I bet $15 and he calls.  The turn is a 5 and I bet $20.  He moves all-in for $63.  I call and he tables A-3.  A wheel for the win!

Seat 3: A retired white guy.  He plays several orbits and then gets up.  Loves to talk.  He is on first-name bases with every dealer, cocktail waitress, floorman, and the majority of grinders.  If one of them walks by the table, there was a 100% chance he would say something.

I'd love to share a hand that he was involved in but I don't remember him playing any during the five hours I was there.

Seat 4: A big rugged man.  Big in the sense that he is 50 lbs overweight.  Also donning a big fuzzy beard.  My guess is that no-shave November started in September.

Hand: It's opened pre-flop to $12, he calls, and I make it $30 with K-K.  Only he calls.  The flop is J-7-9 with two hearts.  He leads out for $20 and I call (that was a mistake).  The turn is the 3 and he moves all-in for $52.  I call and he shows A-8.  I table my K-K.  The river is a black 10.  Jack-high straight wins, brilliant!

Seat 6: A very friendly and talkative lady in her mid forties.  She was in shape, married, and her kids were in college.  Surprisingly, the husband wasn't into casinos or poker.  She even said, "I like visiting MGM.  Go Gamble!"  A reference to a Vegas YouTube poker entrepreneur?  I think so.  She also likes football and goes to UMD and Redskins games.

Hand: Four players call $3 and I open to $18 in the cut-off with A-J.  She calls and so do three more players.  The flop is Q-3-9 and it's checked to me.  I bet $40 and the lady moves all-in for $105.  I know I'm behind but make the call (another mistake).  The lady tables Q-7!  The turn and the river are no help.

Seat 9: He reminded me of Roberto Benigni but with glasses.  He showed up towards the end of my session.  The guy in seat 3 had left and was replaced by a 30 something woman.

Hand: I open J-J pre-flop to $12.  Seat 9 calls, the young black guy in seat 1 makes it $30, and the woman in seat 3 goes all-in for $130.  I fold.  Seat 9 and seat 1 both call.  The lady flips over A-A.  Seat 1 shows 5-5.  The flop is 10-7-3.  The turn is the 5.  The young guy jumps up out of his seat.  He puts his hands above his head.  The river is the 8.  Seat 9 shows A-Q and the dealer pushes him the pot.  Seat 1 starts to say to the dealer that he has a set of fives but then realizes that the flush came in on the river.  He can't believe it.  The lady in seat 3 is even more shocked and starts shaking her head.

Seat 10: Sixty years old and a poker veteran.  Best player at the table.  I've played with him before and he has the skills and the guts to put pressure on his opponents.

Hand:  I'm sitting on $300 in the big blind with 8-4.  The poker veteran opens to $10 pre-flop with a $500 stack.  Seat 4 calls with a $150 stack.  I call and so does the short stack in seat 7.  The flop is 7-5-10.  Seat 4 bets $20, I call, seat 7 calls, and the poker veteran makes it $90.  Seat 4 calls.  Seat 7 has about $40 left and will probably call.  What do you do?


I thought about it.  I just couldn't believe that none of the other players in the hand didn't have spades.  I folded.  At the end, poker veteran had 7-7, seat 7 had A♠-6, and seat 4 had J-J.  The board bricked out and the poker veteran won the big pot.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

20 Years Ago Today

Twenty years ago today, a plane full of passengers from Vienna, Austria landed at the JFK airport in New York City.  Amongst the passengers on that Delta flight was a family of four headed to Tennessee.

My uncle and his family immigrated to US in 1995 from Yugoslavia.  In 1997, they asked my parents if they would like to move to the US.  My parents had a hard choice to make but they decided to give it a shot and filled out the paperwork.  We also had an interview at the US Embassy.  After the interview with the consular officers, they told us that they would inform us of their decision in a few weeks.

The middle school year started in September.  My brother and I had to attend and study under the assumption that we were not going to emigrate.  Before that semester, I always tried to do well in school.  That last semester was different.  Within a few days, I gave up.  I couldn't bring myself to study knowing that we would be leaving before the semester was over.  It didn't feel good failing quiz after quiz but neither did the idea of studying for tests that would have zero meaning once (if) we left for the US.

I still remember coming home after school one afternoon in late September or early October and my parents telling me that the embassy had called earlier that day.  I was so nervous because this was the big moment.  Either we were leaving or I was going to have to hit the books day and night for the rest of the semester.  My parents tortured me for two or three minutes by not saying what the verdict was.  Finally they said that we were approved!  I was so excited that I started to run around the living room.  In a way, that was my first big gamble in life and I had won the coin flip 😃.

On November 12, we got to the airport and dropped off our bags.  Then it was time to say goodbye to our relatives.  Going through security was going to be interesting.  In my backpack, I had my favorite toy.  I had refused to put it in the checked luggage because I was afraid it might get stolen 😃.  The toy was a metal cap gun.  My parents agreed to let me carry it in my backpack and let security decide if it could go through.  It looked like the one in the picture below.

It didn't take long for the security guy to ask me to open the bag.  They looked at it and we said that it was a toy.  Surprisingly, the guard let me take it onto the flight to Vienna.  Once we landed in Vienna, we had to go through another screening.  

This time around, the security guy was not as easy going.  Before we knew it, five or six guards had gathered around us and were asking us questions in German and maybe English.  Long story short, they took the toy gun away and said that we should ask for it once we arrive in NYC.  I was pretty sure that that was the last time I would see my favorite toy.  I was right.

After landing at JFK, we picked up our bags and went through customs.  After that, a shuttle drove us to a hotel where we spent the night since our flight to Knoxville was the following day.  In the morning, the shuttle dropped us off at JFK and we boarded the flight to our final destination.  

Growing up, my brother and I loved Coca-Cola.  If you had offered us Coca-Cola or water, every time we would pick coke.  It so happened that on that flight from JFK to TYS, the flight attendants were very friendly.  They kept offering us can after can of coke and we kept accepting!  After drinking three or four cans, the aircraft started experiencing turbulence.  All that coke started to feel pretty bad in my stomach.  Once we landed, I felt fine again but I had lost my desire for Coca-Cola.  That has not changed ever since.  

My uncle's family and friends were waiting for us at the airport.  They had brought flowers for my mom and had made welcome posters.  I leave you with a photo of me and my younger brother with family and friends.

Bottom Row: Ace, friend, and my brother

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Valley of the Kings

If you are a history buff then the title of this post might be intriguing.  But the kings that I'm talking about are also knows as cowboys.  In a three hour session, I was dealt pocket kings three times!

There was some straddling going on and I saw a few flops but couldn't connect.  The first hand of significance I played:

I put out a blocker bet on the river and he raised.  This should have been an easy fold.  An orbit later I got dealt black kings:

Usually I prefer to rebuy instead of adding-on but in this hand, I wish I had added-on.  Two hands later, I got dealt two red kings.  Seat 9 was a calling station and he could show up with any two.

I got up to about $340 and then had several hands that were second best.  It was to be my last orbit before calling it quits when I looked down at pocket kings again:

I butchered the hand on the flop.  I was first to act on the flop and grabbed a stack of red chips with my right hand.  There is no betting line at the MGM.  I was going to cut-out $50 but by the time I had dropped two red chips, the villain moved his whole stack in.  I looked at the dealer who shrugged.

The villain said, "I am going all-in, no matter what you do."  He was telling me he had an ace!  So, I left the two red chips that were on the felt as my bet and moved back my hand with the rest of the chips.  The dealer said that the action was back on me.  I should have folded.

And the very next hand, I got the final nail in the coffin:

Just like the pharaohs in Egypt, I got buried with the kings.  I did my own digging though.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Crazy Game of Poker

Fall is settling in around Washington DC and the MGM National Harbor conservatory has a new theme on display.

I played a short session recently and it didn't go well.  I lost most of my stack in a pot where I thought the outcome would be a chop.  My A-A-5-5-Q was no match for A-A-Q-Q-8.  I played it bad and we all know that playing for a chop is a foolish goal.

This weekend I got a chance to redeem myself.  I was seated right away.  I took seat 4 since it was the only one open.  I had to double check that the game was $1/$3 because there were plenty of big stacks.  The player in seat 5 left shortly after my arrival so I scooted over to get a bit more legroom.

For the first 45 minutes the game was nothing special.  I was up $45 and sitting on $245.  Everything changed when a Middle Eastern guy sat down in seat 4 and bought in for $500.  Let's call him Amir.

The button was in seat 3 and the dealer asked Amir, "Do you want to wait one hand and play for free or play now and pay $4?"  Without hesitation Amir said, "I'll play now."  That was the first sign that he was not your regular poker player.

On that hand, seat 8 opened to $15, seat 2 made it $45, and Amir called immediately.  Seat 8 also called.  All the money went in on the flop of 3-2-5 and the pot ballooned to over a $1000!  Seat 8 had over cards A-Q (and a gutshot draw), seat 2 was in the lead with 9-9, and Amir held J-8.  Here is how the board ran out.  Seat 8 rebought.  

Amir was friendly and talkative.  He said he got lucky but that he was there to have fun and play.  After winning that pot, he started raising every hand pre-flop to $20 unless he was in the BB or SB.  Many times he didn't even look at his cards pre-flop.  He would just say to the table he was raising blind.

He bet pre-flop without looking at his cards.  The flop was 3-6-7.  He bet or called each street and at the end showed 5-6 for the win.  He also won with J-5 that turned into a full house.  His 10-4 became trip tens on the flop and won another pot.  His stack was above $1700 in less than 30 minutes from the time he sat down!

Here I was, sitting to the left of the most active player who had a huge stack and would open any two.  I told myself to buckle-up because this was going to be a wild game.

Seat 8 was Amir's biggest nemesis.  He bet and Amir called without hesitation.  The flop was 9-6-Q and seat 8 bet and Amir called again.  The turn was a 6 and seat 8 bet $150 and Amir called.  The river was a 9 and Amir bet $200.  Seat 8 wasn't happy then reluctantly called.  Amir showed 2-9 and scooped another huge pot!  Seat 8 darted to the ATM so he could rebuy again.  At this point, Amir was up to $2,200!

Then he went up against seat 6 who had J-J.  Amir won the pot holding 2-8 when the board ran out:

His stack went from $500 to $2,700 in less than 90 minutes.  But then his luck started to turn.  He bet blind and called a raise from the guy in seat 8.  The flop was K-10-2 and he called.  Seat 8 bet the 8 on the turn and Amir called.  On the river, Amir led out for $100 and seat 8 made it $355.  Amir called holding 10-x.

I got a chance to get in the mix.  I called $25 with 6-6 pre-flop after Amir bet.  Seat 7 also called and we saw a flop of Q-K-3.  Amir tapped the table once, I tapped right behind him, and seat 7 quickly checked as well.  But as the dealer was flipping over the turn card, Amir said, "Wait, I want to bet."  The turn was 6.  Apparently he didn't know that tapping the table was considered a check.  The dealer took the time and explained to him the rule.  He bet $40, I called, and seat 7 folded.  The river was another 3.  He bet $60 and I made it $170.  Unfortunately, he folded.

In the big blind with K-6, I saw the flop with seat 2, Amir, and seat 6.  The flop was K-6-8.  Amir lead out for $25, I called, seat 6 folded, and seat 2 called.  The turn was 3 and Amir bet $25 again.  I called and seat 2 made it $60.  Amir called and I took some time to decide what to do.  The board was getting sticky with two flush draws.  I doubt seat 2 had a set.  Most likely he had a king.  Not wanting to give any more cards for cheap, I moved all-in for $337.  Seat 2 took a while and said that I probably had a set and folded.  Amir folded as well.

In the last hand I was involved in, I had 9-8.  The flop was J-8-5.  On the flop, Amir bet $20 and I called.  The turn was 8 and he bet $20 again.  I raised to $50 and he called.  The river was K and he bet $20.  I raised to $80 and he called with J-x.  That got me over $800 and I cashed out an orbit later.

As for Amir, when I picked up, his stack had dwindled down to $300.  From $500 to almost $3,000 and then down to $300 in two hours, it was a crazy game of poker.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Cards, Golf, Beach, and Palmettos: Part 3

When we got back to the house, one of my friends who had a bad knee said he couldn't play again due to pain.  It didn't take long before the rest of the guys were lobbying to skip or postpone the round.  The decision was made and sleeping in won over waking up early to golf again.

Saturday we spent some time at the beach swimming and relaxing.  There were plenty of ladies on the beach who were north of 45.  We even walked by a group of them doing yoga in bikinis.  The running joke was that Charleston was a perfect retirement place for single guys.  There were some really nice beachfront properties on the Isle of Palm.

We also went for a stroll around downtown.  There were plenty of horse-drawn carriages leisurely taking tourists by the attractions while the tour guides regurgitated history.   Overall, the downtown and its architecture had a nice feel to it.

For dinner, we went to a former church which was turned into a restaurant called 5Church.  I have to say that it was my first time having shots and other adult beverages in a church.

Stock Photo

After dinner, we walked across the street to the 
Market Pavilion Hotel rooftop bar.  It was a cool place with a nice view.  We ran into a lady that was a bit out of the ordinary.  She was probably in her 40s and close to six feet tall.  Within the first five minutes, she managed to say to one of my friends, "You are not that tall."  And to another one, "You'are not very smart."  Then she proceeded to tell us how her husband had recently passed away.

Sunday, the day of our departure, the temperature high had dropped down to 75 degrees!  If we had time, it would have been a perfect day for another round of golf.  Instead, we piled into the SUV and said goodbye to The Palmetto State.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cards, Golf, Beach, and Palmettos: Part 2

I'm finally getting back to the Charleston trip report.  Friday morning eight of us dragged ourselves out of bed to hit the links by 9 am.

The course was in great shape.  By 10 am it felt like an oven.  The temperature was already 85 and the humidity was packing a Mike Tyson type of punch.  Each foursome ended up playing 2 vs 2.  The teams were pretty even and the winning teams only won by one.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the house cooling off in the pool and grilling.  In the evening, we headed downtown to King St.  Surprisingly, majority of the people we ran into were out-of-towners.  Most were from Florida, and few from Virginia, New York, Minnesota, and even California.

At one of the bars, we talked to four ladies that were also in town for the weekend.  I asked if they were celebrating anything and one of them said that it's her blonde friend's coming out party.  I was unsure what that meant.  She said that her friend went through a divorce and for months she didn't go out.  This was her first time coming out of the house and going out to bars!

We also ran into a semi-celebrity.  At first, we just though she was another girl but someone pointed out that she is on TV.  She was a contestant on Survivor and now is on the show called Southern Charm.  We talked to her and her friend for a few minutes and some of the guys took photos with her to show to their wives who watch the show.


We also watched a guy get arrested by a lady cop.  Apparently he had walked by the parked cop car earlier and they told him to go home.  He walked away but came back later, I assume not realizing where he was going.  As soon as she saw him, she told him that she had warned him earlier to go home and then she handcuffed him.

It was 2 am and the bars were closing.  We had to get back to the house since another round of golf was scheduled for Saturday morning.

To be continued...

Friday, October 13, 2017

Poker on Friday the 13th

My day started out at the Audi dealership.  Due to a recall on Takata airbags, I went in for a replacement.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the following car manufacturers are affected by this recall: Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Daimler, Dodge/Ram, Ferrari, Fisker, Ford, GMC, Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jeep, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Pontiac, Saab, Saturn, Scion, Subaru, Tesla, Toyota, and Volkswagen.

I ended up getting a loaner car for the day, free of charge of course.  Here is a look at the 2017 Audi A4 Quattro.

I took the new Audi for a spin straight down to the MGM for my first poker session of the month.  I felt like the famous work/leisure/lifestyle blogger who also rides in luxury around DC.

I got seated right away.  In seat 7, within 20 minutes, I'm dealt A-A!  I'm in the BB.  UTG+1 leads out for $13, gets one caller, and it folds back to me.  I make it $50 and he goes all-in for $100 total.  The other guy folds and I call.  We flip over our cards and he also shows A-A!  The part that sucked was that he had the ace of spades and the flop had two spades.  The turn was a spade.  At that point, I was getting ready to curse the poker Gods.  Luckily the river was a red card so we chopped.

Not the best photo of Aces vs Aces

Over the next two hours, I had increased my stack by $155.  I was one of the blinds and holding A-8.  Seat 4 and seat 5 also put in $3.  The flop was 8-5-3.  I lead out for $9, seat 4 called, and then seat 5 made it $25.  I made the call and seat 4 folded.  The turn was the J and I checked.  He bet $100!  He had $50 more behind.

I thought about it.  I don't think he had 8-8 or 8-x.  There is a chance he had 3-3 or 5-5.  Did he have two clubs.  Would he bet his flush draw that way on the flop.  Maybe if he was holding 7-6.  My pot odds vary depending on his holding.  Could we use implied odds to add the $50 he had left if I called the turn.

What would you do?


I didn't fold right away.  I had outs but the problem was that I didn't have enough outs.  I put him on either 3-3,5-5, or a made flush.  If he had a pocket pair then I'm drawing to eight clubs and only seven if he had a flush.  I folded and booked a $125 win.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The United States Sucker Team

I'll get back to the Charleston trip report in the next post.  But today I'd like to talk about the US men's national soccer team or as my title states "sucker" team.

Since the Nats baseball game was postponed last night due to rain, I started my evening by watching the Ecuador vs Argentina soccer match.  Argentina needed a victory to secure a spot in the 2018 World Cup.  The match got very interesting when Ecuador scored in the first minute of the game!  But the great Lionel Messi would not be denied.  He scored twice in the next twenty minutes.  Seeing that Argentina was most likely on its way to the WC, I checked the scores of the other games at halftime.

The US team need a win against Trinidad and Tobago to qualify directly; a draw was good enough to keep them alive.  Panama was taking on Costa Rica and Honduras was hosting Mexico.  I was surprised to see that the US was already down 1-0.

Trinidad and Tobago are ranked 99th in the world while the US is in the top 30.  The US was a 10 to 1 favorite!  By halftime, the US was down 2-0.  It looked like the US would need to rely on Mexico to beat Honduras and Costa Rica take care of Panama.  At halftime, that is exactly what was happening.  Mexico was winning 2-1 and Costa Rica 1-0. 

Despite the favorable scores, I made a comment that it is likely that Mexico and Costa Rica would slow down in the second half since they had already qualified for the World Cup.  Instead of telling you what happened in each game in the second half, I'll leave you with an ESPN video that captures it all.

And so dies the dream and the chant I believe that we will win!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cards, Golf, Beach, and Palmettos: Part 1

I spent the last weekend in September with ten of my buddies in Charleston, South Carolina.  Few flew down and the rest of us drove.  We filled a Chevy Suburban to the brim with golf clubs and luggage.

Eight hours later, we arrived to 95 degree weather and 100% humidity.  Our rented house was located on the Isle of Palm near the beach.  To beat the heat and the humidity, a duo consisting of cold beer and a backyard pool was used.  We strolled down to the beach bars and grabbed some food and drinks for dinner.

Exhausted from the trip we headed back to the house.  Six of us decided to play a $10 buy-in game of poker where the winner would get $40 and second place $20.  It was a loose game where having a cold beverage in one hand was as important as having two cards in the other.  Few hands passed and then I was the dealer.

I looked down at A-K and waited my turn.  There was a bet and my buddy on my right raised.  Being tired and ready for bed, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to flip a coin.  I moved all-in and it folded back to him.  He wasn’t sure about it but he was probably ready for a double-up or sleep also.  It was a win-win type of situation.  He called and flipped over 9-9.  I spiked a K and won the hand.  He went to bed shortly after.

Few hands later, I was the only caller after my buddy, on my left, raised pre-flop.  The flop was Q-5-2.  By the river, I bet to put him all-in and he called with A-Q.  I showed 5-5 for a flopped set and pulled in a pile of chips.

The rest was a blur until we were three-handed.  Let's call one of my buddies K-man (after Kramer from Seinfeld) and the other Tom Brady (since he is from New England and a Pats fan).

The flop was J-4-7.  K-man was short stacked and bet.  Only I called.  The turn was the 6.  He bet and I said “I’ll call and show you that I have nothing.”  I flipped over my cards but only exposing 2.  The river was an A!  He bet and I moved all-in.

He was surprised and wasn’t sure what to do.  He said that it looks like a bluff.  Tom Brady agreed.  He egged him on to call.  A minute passed and then K-man called showing a Jack.  I slid over the 2 exposing the A and the whole table erupted.  

Before I could collect the chips in the pot, Tom Brady handed me $40 and he took the $20 for second place.  Everyone laughed and teased K-man that no wonder Tom Brady wanted him to call.

To be continued…

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Boys From Brazil

As I'm writing this poker session recap, I'm also watching the movie The Boys From Brazil for the first time.

My last session started off with a crippling hand:

I lost the rest in a three-way all-in pot where I'm holding an open-ended straight draw and a hearts flush draw.  One guy had J-J and the other guy had a pair with a hearts nut flush draw.  I didn't hit one of my 6 outs and decided to switch tables after the hand.

I settled into seat 6 at the new table.  For two hours I couldn't get anything going.  My stack slowly dwindled down to $67 but then:

Then I picked up J-J and bet $12 pre-flop.  I got three callers and we saw a 10-5-4 flop.  I bet $22 and only seat 8 called.  The turn was a 4, I bet $40, and he called.  The river was a Q and I bet $40 again.  He called.  I showed the winner and was up to $305.

In the last hand of importance, I was dealt A-8:

I left few orbits later.  From $67 all the way back up to $567!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Poker Quiz Results

It was nice to see the Tennessee Titans beat the Jacksonville Jaguars today.  They are back in the lead (tie) in the division.  Let's get back to poker.

1.) With K,J in mid position, I make it $10.  I get two callers including the rock on the button.  The flop is K,J,4 and I lead out for $15.  Only the rock calls with $95 behind.  The turn is a blank and I bet $30.  He raises to $60!  What do you do?

I moved all-in and he scooped with J,J.  To remove any doubt that he was a rock, after the hand was over he said, “I thought you had pocket kings.”  This particular table had as many old rocks as Stonehenge! 

2.) I open to $10 with Q,Q and get one caller two seats to my right.  The flop is Q,J,3 and I lead out for $15.  He calls.  The turn is an A and I bet $25.  He raises to $70!  I'm $240 behind and he covers.  What do you do?

I’d like to have this one back.  I moved all-in and was snap called by K,10.  The correct play was to just call.  The river was a blank and he won.  If he shoves the river, I definitely fold and save $170.  But if he bets half pot on the river, I doubt I fold.

3.) I'm sitting on $95 and both opponents cover me.  Seat 10 opens to $10, seat 2 makes it $50, and I look down at A,K.  What do you do?

Seat 10 was a loose player.  I thought seat 2 wanted to isolate him.  I talked myself into believing that neither of them had A,A or K,K since I was holding A,K.  My only options were fold or shove.  I shoved, seat 10 called, and seat 2 moved all-in for $140ish.  Here is the sick outcome of the hand.  Seat 2 flipped over A,A and seat 10 showed Q,9.  The board ran out 9,x,x,Q,K and seat 10 won all the chips!

4.) I am dealt J
,J and bet $12.  I get one caller.  On a 10,9,2 flop I bet $20. He goes all-in for $90 and I cover.  What do you do?

I called and he showed A,3.  The board ran out…

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tennessee and Maryland

Tennessee Golf

I was out of town for the Labor Day weekend.  We went to Tennessee to visit my brother's family and see the newborn baby boy.  My brother and I got two rounds of golf in.  One of our rounds was a two vs two scramble.

We were crushing them thru 12 holes, up by 4 without losing a single hole.  Then things turned around.  They tied it up on the 17th after an uphill 15 yard chip that landed a foot from the hole.  Our three putt didn't help.  On the 18th, they sank a 10 foot par putt for the win!  They finished the back 9 one under and pulled off an unbelievable comeback.

River Islands Golf Club

Maryland Poker

I hadn't played any poker in September until this week.  Here are some interesting hands:

1.) With K,J in mid position, I make it $10.  I get two callers including the rock on the button.  The flop is K,J,4 and I lead out for $15.  Only the rock calls with $95 behind.  The turn is another blank and I bet $30.  He raises to $60!  What do you do?

2.) I open to $10 with Q,Q and get one caller two seats to my right.  The flop is Q,J,3 and I lead out for $15.  He calls.  The turn is an A and I bet $25.  He raises to $70!  I'm $240 behind and he covers.  What do you do?

3.) I'm sitting on $95 and both opponents cover me.  Seat 10 opens to $10, seat 2 makes it $50 and I look down at A,K.  What do you do?

4.) I am dealt J,J♦ and bet $12.  I get one caller.  On a 10,9,2 flop I bet $20. He goes all-in for $90 and I cover.  What do you do?

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Six Dollar Walk

During one of my recent sessions, I got into a small argument with a dealer.  The whole thing started when I went for a walk to stretch my legs.  I got back to the table and the Missed Blind button was sitting in front of my chips.

I had two stacks of $5 red chips in front of me and one $1 white chip to the right of my red chips.  I waited for the previous hand to end and then tossed in a $5 chip.  Since we were playing $1/$3, I owed $4 to the pot before the next hand was dealt.  The dealer changed the red chip for five white chips and mistakenly tosses two chips back to me.  He then proceeds to get the cards ready for dealing.

I said, "Isn't it supposed to be $4?"  I threw one white chip back across the betting line.  I was left with two white chips next to my two stacks of reds.  Less than ten seconds later, the dealer got my attention again and said that I need to put one more dollar into the pot.  I looked at him confused.  He said that I had only put in $3.  I told him that I had put in $4 already.

He wouldn't have it.  Seat 1 looked at me and started nodding.  He was agreeing with me but said that it's just a dollar more.  Instead of starting a big argument, I threw another dollar into the pot.  I was left with one white chip again.

Coincidentally, that hand was the dealer's last at our table.  As he was pushing back, I said, "Hey buddy, here you go."  I tossed him my last white chip.  After he left, seat 1 said, "I'm 99% sure you were right."  The guy sitting next to me also spoke up and said that he was pretty sure that the dealer made a mistake.  We all kind of laughed it off.

A ten minute walk cost me $6.