Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Pandemic Adventures: Part 2

Last month I was scheduled to fly to PR and the rules said I needed to show proof of a negative PCR test upon arrival.  During my annual physical, I asked my doc to schedule a PCR test and had it done the same day.  While at the doc's office, I mentioned that I'd like a scan of my abdomen since I had a mild pain that probably was a strain from golf.

I had some FSA bucks expiring end of 2020 and I planned to use them for this purpose.  The doc scheduled an appointment few days later at a nearby hospital that is part of their network.  I got to the hospital at 8:30am.  At the door they had a temperature monitor with a guard next to it.  After they measured my temperature, they gave me a green wristband.  I made it to the department check-in desk.  The lady took a look at my ID and told me which way to proceed down the hallway.  I thanked her and made it about 20 feet past her. 

Suddenly, she darts out of her little guard tower and calls me back to her area.  I retreat.  She asks me if I have done a corona test lately.  She already can see it on her PC that I have because the hospital and my doc's office are in the same network.  I tell her that I'm waiting for a PCR test result that I will need for upcoming travel.

She tells me that their policy is that no patient can enter if they are awaiting Covid test results.  I repeat that I have NOT travelled.  She gets on the phone but the other person isn't budging either.  I explain to her that I have no symptoms and am taking a test because I will be travelling.  She says that I still can't walk in.  At this point, I'm half angry and half perplexed.  I tell her that every patient that is walking into the hospital does not have a negative covid test result.  I also tell her that any patient walking in could easily lie that they are not awaiting a test result unless they are in the network.  I also tell her that anyone walking into the hospital without covid symptoms could have the virus.

She goes to the back of the office to talk to management and explain to them that I have not traveled and am only taking a test to satisfy the authorities at the destination airport.  She is gone for several minutes and I take a seat in the waiting room.  At his point I already knew that logic would not prevail.  She comes back and repeats the same nonsense policy.  I told her that I am not blaming her for the situation and that the policy is at fault.  We left it at that and I headed out.

Later that week, I ended up doing the scan at a facility near my work for a price two times less than what the hospital was going to charge me.  The results came back clean and so did the PCR test.

I guess sometimes when you lose, you technically win...tell that to the New York Jets!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, folks!


  1. We had a similar tale with Mrs AC who needed a test before she travelled. If you had no symptoms and wanted a test solely to get a negative result it was going to cost £150 (about $200) so I told her to put on an English accent and tell the staff that she’d had a cough for the last week which meant she got the test for free!

  2. That's pricey or it would have been.

  3. I was lucky to have free daily testing available at my old location. I had three of four tests, usually after traveling. Not sure how thigs will be in my new location.

    1. Daily testing, not even Magic Johnson did that! lol