Wednesday, October 10, 2018

First Success

The second tournament I ever played at Dover Downs had a $5000 guarantee.  Entry was $100 and we ended up having 63 players.  Top eight would get paid.

Things started off pretty good as I doubled my 10,000 starting stack in the first hour.  We got down to about 20 players when the guy to my left, in seat 3, went all-in for 10,000 chips.  Seat 4 and the Asian guy in seat 5 called.  It folded to me.  I look down at the Alcoa Corporation (aka AA on the New York Stock Exchange).  I move all-in with my aces.  Seat 4 moves all-in for less and the Asian guy asks me for a chip count.

I tell him that it is about 30,000.  He says that it is too much and folds.  Seat 3 flips over 8-8 and seat 4 shows 10-10.  The board runs out clean and I chip-up to 65,000.

With only two tables left, I played a bit tighter.  When we got down to one table, the fight was on to make the money.  Seat 10 went out on a coin flip.  The bubble burst thanks to a suckout.  It didn't take long for the blinds and antes to chip away idle stacks.  I was down to 25,000 chips when the 8th place was determined.

Then, I moved all-in with 18,000 and got one caller.  Luckily my ace high was good enough to win.  When we got down to 6 players it was close to 1 am.  The two big stacks started discussing a deal.  They proposed ~$900 apiece for the top two and $700 per person for the rest of us.  It was a good deal and we all accepted it.

- August, 2012

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