Monday, February 5, 2018


As the title says, this post has a little bit of everything.

Let's start with the Super Bowl.  It was a very entertaining game and the outcome was great.  There were spectacular catches, super quarterbacks, trick plays, missed kicks, little defense, and plenty of scoring.  But the thing that impressed me the most was Philadelphia's coach, Doug Pederson.  He went for it on two fourth downs that 90% of coaches wouldn't have.  And the Eagles converted on both!  Philadelphia won and we didn't have to watch Tom Brady hoist another Lombardi trophy.

Super Bowl commercials were hit or miss.  I liked the Danny DeVito M&M, RAM Vikings, E*TRADE Old Employees, and Amazon's Alexa commercials.

I played my first round of golf of the year.  The temperature got into the 50s and I was quick to jump on the opportunity.  I played bogey golf and got it done under 2.5 hours with a cart.  Not many people were out.

I've played in two $75 poker tournaments this year.  Here are two interesting hands.

Hand 1: 100 entrants and we are down to 50ish.  Blinds were 1,000/2,000.  In mid position, I raise to 5,000 with As-9s and get called by the button.  Flop is A-J-9 rainbow, I bet half pot and he goes all-in.  My starting stack was 34,000 and his 32,000.  What do you do?

Update: I called and he showed A-J.  If I'm folding two pair in a turbo tournament, I might as well not play at all.  I ended up going all in few hands later with As-xs.  Three callers and the flop had two spades!  Unfortunately, no more spades hit the board.  Knocked out.

Hand 2: It was a green chip ($25) bounty tournament with only 20 entrants.  Only one guy had been knocked out.  The blinds are 800/1,600.  I call UTG with A-9 off.  It folds to the button, he goes all-in for 5,000.  BB thinks about it for 30 seconds and moves all-in for 23,000.  I have 24,000.  Is A-9 good enough to call it off?  Since I cover them, we will be playing for two bounties if we call.

Update:  If this was not a bounty tournament, I would have folded.  But with $50 on the line, I thought the BB was trying to isolate.  And since I only called pre-flop, he knew I wasn't that strong.  The button turned over J-K and the BB had 8-8.  The board ran out jack high and that's all she wrote.


  1. Hand 1 is a no brainer, you have to call. Against a tight range of AA, AK, AQ, AJ, JJ, 99, you have ~47% equity. You are getting 2 to 1 for the call. In most cases his range is going to be wider than that. Normally I would ask player tendency and whether it is a 2 toned flop, but given the stack sizes and pot odds, it doesn't matter.

    Hand 2, I would wait for a better spot.

    1. Thanks, it was rainbow. I'll post an update on Friday.

    2. I would call Hand 1, but wouldn't be surprised if I were crushed. In these cheap tournaments, you only have so many places to get chips, so . . .

      Hand 2 is the easiest fold I've seen in a long time. Why are you limping in?

    3. OK, let me update the post and tell you the BB's hand and ask the same question.

    4. If you know BB had exactly 88, it is still a fold, since you would be crippled if you lose. If you had a big stack, say 50BB, I would call. A9 UTG should have been folded perflop though.

      However, this is the wrong question since you would never know exactly what he had, unless he exposed his cards. Say he know the player real well, and you think 88 is the bottom of his range for a shove (reasonable for an average villian), A9 has 35% equity against this range. Clear fold.

    5. Thanks, Pokerdogg. The BB was a player that I considered competent. I leveled myself. I thought that he was thinking that he'd like to pick-up the bounty by playing heads up vs the short stack. And since I only limped in pre, he would think he could get me out with a shove.