Sunday, January 28, 2018

Five Minutes Too Late

I've played less than ten hours of poker this year.  I wasn't going to write a poker post but then this happened.

I was in seat 6 from the first hand the table opened up.  In seat 4 was a big black guy (BBG).  I'd say 6'3" and north of 250 lbs.  He was loose and had seen plenty of flops.  My stack was down a bit after my top pair ran into trips.  The BBG stepped away from the table and then came back.  Not too long after, he got into a hand and had to rebuy.

I was UTG and looked down at K-K.  I bet $13 and seat 8 called and the BBG in the SB also called.  The flop was J-7-7.  The BBG checked, I led out for $30.  Seat 8 folded but the BBG called.  The turn was a 9.  He checked and I bet $50.  He called.  The river was a 7 and he checked.  I threw in my last $50.  He called and showed 7-8 for quads.  OK, kind of a standard hand.  I didn't put him on a 7 and that's that.

Five minutes later things got interesting.  A female floor supervisor walked past me and stopped next to the BBG.  She tapped him on the shoulder.  I noticed a big security guard standing to her right.  At this point the whole table was at a standstill.  She handed the BBG a rack and told him to rack up.  Then, I realized that behind me, to my left, there were another two giant security guards.

The BBG racked up his chips without saying anything and got up.  One security guard lead the way.  The floor lady walked next to the BBG and the other two guards follow behind.  As they were exiting the poker room, I saw another MGM employee walking behind them with a sniffer dog!

Few players at the table tried to put the pieces together.  Some thought that he might have been spotted taking drugs.  Others suggested that maybe he was selling them.  Several players said that they had noticed the BBG return to the table earlier with a rack of chips.  He didn't put them in play but after coming back he did rebuy with cash.  So did he steal someone's chips?  Seems dumb to sit down few feet away from the scene of the crime.

I don't know if they took him to the security office or to the cashier.  I was pretty annoyed with the timing of the whole fiasco.  The BBG sat there for about 20 to 30 minutes after he came back to the table.  If security came looking for him sooner, I wouldn't have lost my stack.  But, unfortunately, they were five minutes too late.


  1. when u find out why this happened, be sure to report back.

    1. I'll ask the floor lady next time I see her.

  2. Wow. Even I've never had a beat quite like that with the dreaded pocket Kings!

    Maybe you should have asked the manager what he did and then explained how he should have been kicked out sooner and can you please have your money back?

    Yeah, probably wouldn't work.

    1. It was bizarre. To add insult to injury, after my river bet, he didn't snap call. Apparently he thought seat 7's stack was mine. Because he took few seconds, I thought I was good.

  3. Like Tony, I'd like to hear what happened next if you find out.