Sunday, January 14, 2018

Bonehead Fold

I wasn't planning on writing a poker post but after what happened, I thought I'd share the story.

It's about 7 pm and I just sat down in seat 10.  The table had about six players but we filled up quickly.  I'm in the big blind and the dealer starts dealing the cards.  I look down at A-K.  After the dealer deals the last card, which went to seat 8, seat 9 starts to tell the dealer that his second card is in front of seat 8.  I look over and I see three cards in front of seat 8.

Seat 9 reaches over and grabs one of the cards in front of seat 8.  To me, it looked like he took the middle card.  The female dealer shrugs, which I interpret as a sign that she does not know which of the three cards in front of seat 8 belongs to seat 9.  She says, "Alright" and turns to her left and starts collecting cards.  I shake my head.

She continues collecting cards and by the time she reaches seat 6, I flip my cards face up and move them into the muck.  Suddenly, seat 6 calls.  Wait, what!  Seat 7 folds, seat 8 folds, and seat 9 calls!  I'm completely lost.  One of the other players asks the dealer what am I doing.  She says that I folding face up from the big blind.

I'm confused.  I speak up and say, "Wait, isn't the hand dead because seat 8 got three cards and you couldn't tell which card belonged to seat 9?"  Immediately, seat 9 speaks up and says that he watched the cards being dealt and saw which card belonged to him.  I don't understand why he didn't speak up as soon as his second card was dealt to seat 8.  The dealer agreed with seat 9.  Seat 6 speaks up and says it's all good and wants to see the flop.

At this point, there is not much that I can do.  I realize that I made a mistake.  I'm still not sure if the hand should have been allowed to go on.  I have seen plenty of cases where the dealer gives a third card to a player by mistake that was intended for the adjacent player.  Usually, as soon as the dealer throws a card to the wrong player, the dealer immediately says something to let the players know which card belongs to which player.  Or, a player speaks up right away to alert the dealer that he/she is missing a card.

But in this case, the dealer did nothing and said nothing.  She continued to deal the second card all the players.  After all the cards were dealt, seat 9 spoke up to say that he was missing his second card.  What do you think?

The flop was K-Q-10.  The turn was a blank and the river a J.  Seat 9 won a small pot with Q-9.  All I could do was sit there and think about my bonehead fold.


  1. You are too hard on yourself here. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what is going on from seat 10. Some dealers and some casinos are more lax then others when it comes to situations like this. It just sucks that, the way the hand played out, you know you would have added to your stack. Probably better to not know how much!

    1. It was confusing. I wish I had waited just two seconds longer or asked if it was a misdeal.

  2. Perhaps it's a sign from the poker gods that you shouldn't be looking at your cards prior to your action ;-)