Friday, December 8, 2017

Vacation Guatemala: Part 2

Instead of recapping the trip day by day, here are some of the things that stood out: 

Cities Visited: Guatemala City and Antigua.  Guatemala City's population is close to 3 million while Antigua's is about 50 thousand.

Weather: The weather was fantastic.  Both cities are about a mile above sea level and the day temperatures were in the 70s while the nights were in the 50s.

Helicopter Ride: We got a chance to spend two days at a golf resort near Antigua.  We got there by taking a helicopter ride from Guatemala City.

Golf: I played a round at the Fuego Maya golf course which was spectacular.  The course is one of the best that I've ever played and I've played 60 different courses.

Fuego Maya #13

View from La Reunion Resort

Volcanoes: I got the chance to see three different volcanoes and one of them is still active!  We only saw smoke coming out of it, which is typical.

Volcano de Agua

Volcano de Fuego and Volcano Acatenango

Architecture: Antigua is known for its Spanish colonial architecture.  We saw many old churches and some of the ruins.  Interestingly, Antigua used to be the capital while the Spanish conquistadors were in control.  But due to several earthquakes in the 1700s, the capital was moved.

Cathedral de San José

Church del Carmen

Church and Convent of las Capuchinas

Church de la Merced

Santa Catalina Arch

Natives: Living in Washington DC, you get to meet all different types of people.  But, until this trip, I did not realize just how small the native (Maya) Guatemalans are.  On average, a man is an inch or two above five feet and a woman is four and a half feet tall.

My golf caddy

Novelties: I got the chance to visit a local chocolate shop in Antigua where they make all kinds of things from cacao.  We bought some Guatemalan coffee and I also enjoyed sipping the award winning Ron Zacapa rum.

On our way back, the connecting flight was thru El Salvador.  As we took off from the airport, the plane made a U-turn above the Pacific Ocean before heading back to DC.


  1. Dang - this looked like a great trip! Any fear of traveling to Central America?

    1. I just saw your comment, I'm comfortable traveling as long as I go with a Spanish speaking person.