Friday, December 29, 2017

The Last Hurrah at Live!

This year I've only played about 20 hours at the MD Live poker room.  I probably wouldn't have played that many if I didn't get free slot play from The Streak bonus.  I decided to drive up and put in a session while the $1000 (every 15 minutes) high hand promo was going on.

The lady at the podium sent me to a table on the second floor and I was dreading going up there.  Out of all the session I've had at MDL, I can't recall any where I did very well while playing on the second floor.  I've always preferred the first floor.  I climb up there, settle into seat 6 and prepare for battle.

I see the flop with K-Q and so does one older guy.  The flop is 10-K-4 and he bets $10.  I call and the turn is a blank.  He bets $20 and I call.  The river is a J and he bets $20 again.  This smells like a weak K-x so I raise to $70.  He says he thinks I caught a straight but calls with 10-10.  Down to $100, I start to think that I'm the sucker at the table.

Few orbits later, I make it $20 with A-K in the cut-off.  Four of us see the flop.  The flop is magical...A-K-K!  We check it around.  The turn is a 3s and I bet $10.  Only seat 7 calls.  The 8s on the river brings the third spade onto the board.  I move all-in and he calls.  He shows 3-3 and I increase my stack to $270.

The guy in seat 7 leaves and a southern guy, about 40, takes his seat.  He asks the dealer a few questions which give away his casino poker newbie status.  Wouldn't you know it, I get into a hand with him shortly after.

I call his small pre-flop bet with A-9.  The flop is A-7-7 and I think that my kicker might be too low.  He makes another bet and I call.  The turn is a wonderful 9.  He makes another bet and I call, planning to raise him on the river.  Inside, I'm just yelling for the dealer to put out a low card.  The river is a Q and he bets again.  I doubt he has a 7.  I was 99% sure I would raise him but the darn queen stopped me in my tracks.  I make the call and he flips over A-Q.  Back down to $165 for me.

I win few small pots and then with J-Q see the J♠-7-4 flop.  I bet $10 and get one caller.  The turn is a Q and I bet $15.  He calls and we see the 2♠ on the river.  I bet $50 and he calls.  I show and he mucks.  This gets me back to $270.

The big hand of the session is a blur.  I saw the flop with seat 3 and seat 5.  I don't have notes on the exact betting sequence pre-flop and on the flop.  I do remember that seat 5 bet $40 on the turn and I debated calling.  In the end, both of us called.  The river brought the K♣ and seat 5 led out for $50.  I raised to $120 and seat 3 called with 7-7.  Seat 5 folded showing only a 3.

Going into next year, I won't be getting any free slot play thru The Streak promotion since I didn't play 100 hours of poker this year.  With that being said, this was probably my last hurrah at the Maryland Live poker room.  What a way to go out...

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