Saturday, November 25, 2017

Poker Exam

I was hoping that I would end the year without hitting a downswing but it wasn't meant to be.  Partially, I am to blame but the board has been as friendly as Gregg Popovich during an NBA game interview.  Here are some hands that I was involved in.  In some hands, you'll be asked to make decisions that my opponents were facing.  I tried using a video for each hand but the quality was very poor.

Hand 1: I wish I could give you some details on the players but this hand happened shortly after I sat down.  Seat 5 bets $10 UTG.  You have K-K and raise to $25, and get five callers!  The flop is 7-5-2.  You lead out for $75 and it folds to seat 2 who moves all-in for $173 total.  What do you do?

I call it off.  Turn is a 2 and the river a 10.  He calmly flips over 2-2 for quads!  Ouch.

Hand 2: Seat 8 seemed like a sound player.  Seat 2 was all over the place.  Some hands he played OK and some not so much.  In the BB, $200 behind, with J-9 you see the flop with seat 8 and seat 2.  The flop is Q-J-3 and seat 2 bets $6.  Both of you call.  Turn is a blank and seat 2 bets $6 again.  Both of you call again.  The river is a 9.  You lead out for $40, seat 8 calls, and seat 3 moves all-in for $110 total.  What do you do?

I should get a tattoo that says, When a player moves all-in after a bet on the river, FOLD!  We both call with J-9 and seat 3 wins with K-10.

Hand 3: Effective stacks $185.  Seat 10, which was me, opens to $12.  Let's play the hand as seat 1.  You call with 9-8 and so do two more players.  The flop is A-9-8 and seat 10 bets $20.  You raise to $50.  Seat 10 moves all-in for about $170.  What do you do?

He called and I showed A-9 for the win.

Hand 4: In this hand, I was in seat 9 but we'll play the hand from seat 10's point of view.  Seat 9 opens to $15 UTG.  You make it $30 with J-J and seat 9 calls.  The flop is K-7-5.  Seat 9 leads out for $30 and you call.  The blank turn is checked.  The river is a K and seat 9 leads out for $60.  What do you do?

I thought I did enough to represent a king but the old man wasn't buying it.  I showed A-Q of clubs.  The check on the turn was my mistake.

Hand 5: You have K-K UTG, $240 behind, open to $10 and get four callers.  The flop is 2-2-7.  You lead out for $40 and seat 1 goes all-in and covers everyone.  Seat 5 is all-in for $170.  Seat 8 is all-in for $215.  Seat 9 is all-in for $125.  In this hand, we are most likely behind.  The pot is almost $1000, can you justify a call?

We knew we were behind but called it off. Seat 1 had A-2, seat 5 had 7-7, seat 8 A-J of spades, not sure about seat 9.  There were several side pots.  It was a clusterf***.

Hand 6: Seat 7 was a white guy in his 40s.  Seat 8 was an annoying woman.  She was tight and he was playing plenty of hands.  Seat 7 bets $12 and you call with K-9 and so does seat 8.  The flop is K-7-3.  Seat 7 bets $18 and both of you call.  The turn is A and seat 8 bets $25.  I felt like the ace on the turn didn't change anything.  Both of you call.  The river is the 2.  Seat 7 bets $100 and the lady folds.  What do you do?

I had put him on a flush draw, stuck to my guns and called.  He showed Q-2 of diamonds for a missed flush.


  1. Jeepers Ace, I stopped at the 1st hand right away. You have to raise at least 35, at least. 25 is way too small. Don't complain after, that you got 5 callers.

    1. It was not a loose table before this hand but you are correct. How about the other hands?

  2. On hand 2 I think I would fold. The 40$ bet seems a bit high from out in front. Now the pot size is enticing for a call. However, you still have to worry about seat 8 making the straight and putting you all-in. What happened to hand 3?

  3. on 2 a check from the blind with that hand is pretty standard. on the flop, I would've check called also. The turn is interesting. Your hand doesn't improve, you're out of position, you check. I would've probably done the same. But, something interesting, and typical of low stakes games happens. Villain bets the same small bet again as he did on the flop. What does this bet mean? At first, I used to think that this type of bet meant strength, someone wanting to milk me with a strong hand, then I realized, It's exactly what it looks like, a weak bet by a weak player, hoping to get a fold with ought risking a lot of money. You saw the player in seat 2 make a weak bet and seat 8 just call again, also not showing much strength, you now have actually gained position, did you ever consider check raising? You didn't and I don't always do as I say so moving on.
    With the way the action is going, sets are ruled out and one of the villains must be on a straight draw, I assume flush is out of picture. You improve to 2 pair on the river and make a good bet of 40 but here is where I have my personal biggest weakness in these spots. If I put at least one villain on a straight draw, I actually wouldn't like that 9 at all. I would have gone into check call mode. I lose a lot of value sometimes but you have to put villain on some range and stick with your reads sometimes. As far as calling the raise bet goes, you're a 92% favorite against a single opponent in that spot, I put in the blank as a deuce. The math says you have to call but I guess, what can I say about that other than, that's why a computer can so easily beat a chess master, because he never deviates from the math so to speak.
    Any further reviews, 100 bucks per hand sir.
    Disclaimer, I am not responsible for any losses if you follow my opinions!

    1. Thanks for the analysis. I have to find a fold more often in these situations because I doubt this guy was capable of bluffing the river.