Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The United States Sucker Team

I'll get back to the Charleston trip report in the next post.  But today I'd like to talk about the US men's national soccer team or as my title states "sucker" team.

Since the Nats baseball game was postponed last night due to rain, I started my evening by watching the Ecuador vs Argentina soccer match.  Argentina needed a victory to secure a spot in the 2018 World Cup.  The match got very interesting when Ecuador scored in the first minute of the game!  But the great Lionel Messi would not be denied.  He scored twice in the next twenty minutes.  Seeing that Argentina was most likely on its way to the WC, I checked the scores of the other games at halftime.

The US team need a win against Trinidad and Tobago to qualify directly; a draw was good enough to keep them alive.  Panama was taking on Costa Rica and Honduras was hosting Mexico.  I was surprised to see that the US was already down 1-0.

Trinidad and Tobago are ranked 99th in the world while the US is in the top 30.  The US was a 10 to 1 favorite!  By halftime, the US was down 2-0.  It looked like the US would need to rely on Mexico to beat Honduras and Costa Rica take care of Panama.  At halftime, that is exactly what was happening.  Mexico was winning 2-1 and Costa Rica 1-0. 

Despite the favorable scores, I made a comment that it is likely that Mexico and Costa Rica would slow down in the second half since they had already qualified for the World Cup.  Instead of telling you what happened in each game in the second half, I'll leave you with an ESPN video that captures it all.

And so dies the dream and the chant I believe that we will win!