Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cards, Golf, Beach, and Palmettos: Part 2

I'm finally getting back to the Charleston trip report.  Friday morning eight of us dragged ourselves out of bed to hit the links by 9 am.

The course was in great shape.  By 10 am it felt like an oven.  The temperature was already 85 and the humidity was packing a Mike Tyson type of punch.  Each foursome ended up playing 2 vs 2.  The teams were pretty even and the winning teams only won by one.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the house cooling off in the pool and grilling.  In the evening, we headed downtown to King St.  Surprisingly, majority of the people we ran into were out-of-towners.  Most were from Florida, and few from Virginia, New York, Minnesota, and even California.

At one of the bars, we talked to four ladies that were also in town for the weekend.  I asked if they were celebrating anything and one of them said that it's her blonde friend's coming out party.  I was unsure what that meant.  She said that her friend went through a divorce and for months she didn't go out.  This was her first time coming out of the house and going out to bars!

We also ran into a semi-celebrity.  At first, we just though she was another girl but someone pointed out that she is on TV.  She was a contestant on Survivor and now is on the show called Southern Charm.  We talked to her and her friend for a few minutes and some of the guys took photos with her to show to their wives who watch the show.


We also watched a guy get arrested by a lady cop.  Apparently he had walked by the parked cop car earlier and they told him to go home.  He walked away but came back later, I assume not realizing where he was going.  As soon as she saw him, she told him that she had warned him earlier to go home and then she handcuffed him.

It was 2 am and the bars were closing.  We had to get back to the house since another round of golf was scheduled for Saturday morning.

To be continued...


  1. We talked to her and her friend for a few minutes and some of the guys took photos

    Maybe I need to take up golf, ha, she's quite sexy.