Friday, October 13, 2017

Cards, Golf, Beach, and Palmettos: Part 1

I spent the last weekend in September with ten of my buddies in Charleston, South Carolina.  Few flew down and the rest of us drove.  We filled a Chevy Suburban to the brim with golf clubs and luggage.

Eight hours later, we arrived to 95 degree weather and 100% humidity.  Our rented house was located on the Isle of Palm near the beach.  To beat the heat and the humidity, a duo consisting of cold beer and a backyard pool was used.  We strolled down to the beach bars and grabbed some food and drinks for dinner.

Exhausted from the trip we headed back to the house.  Six of us decided to play a $10 buy-in game of poker where the winner would get $40 and second place $20.  It was a loose game where having a cold beverage in one hand was as important as having two cards in the other.  Few hands passed and then I was the dealer.

I looked down at A-K and waited my turn.  There was a bet and my buddy on my right raised.  Being tired and ready for bed, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to flip a coin.  I moved all-in and it folded back to him.  He wasn’t sure about it but he was probably ready for a double-up or sleep also.  It was a win-win type of situation.  He called and flipped over 9-9.  I spiked a K and won the hand.  He went to bed shortly after.

Few hands later, I was the only caller after my buddy, on my left, raised pre-flop.  The flop was Q-5-2.  By the river, I bet to put him all-in and he called with A-Q.  I showed 5-5 for a flopped set and pulled in a pile of chips.

The rest was a blur until we were three-handed.  Let's call one of my buddies K-man (after Kramer from Seinfeld) and the other Tom Brady (since he is from New England and a Pats fan).

The flop was J-4-7.  K-man was short stacked and bet.  Only I called.  The turn was the 6.  He bet and I said “I’ll call and show you that I have nothing.”  I flipped over my cards but only exposing 2.  The river was an A!  He bet and I moved all-in.

He was surprised and wasn’t sure what to do.  He said that it looks like a bluff.  Tom Brady agreed.  He egged him on to call.  A minute passed and then K-man called showing a Jack.  I slid over the 2 exposing the A and the whole table erupted.  

Before I could collect the chips in the pot, Tom Brady handed me $40 and he took the $20 for second place.  Everyone laughed and teased K-man that no wonder Tom Brady wanted him to call.

To be continued…


  1. A group of 11 guys? Geez - that seems like a lot. Do most get along with everyone else?

    1. It was supposed to be 12 of us so we could have 3 foursomes for golf but one dropped out. It wasn't a utopia but we all managed to get along.