Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tennessee and Maryland

Tennessee Golf

I was out of town for the Labor Day weekend.  We went to Tennessee to visit my brother's family and see the newborn baby boy.  My brother and I got two rounds of golf in.  One of our rounds was a two vs two scramble.

We were crushing them thru 12 holes, up by 4 without losing a single hole.  Then things turned around.  They tied it up on the 17th after an uphill 15 yard chip that landed a foot from the hole.  Our three putt didn't help.  On the 18th, they sank a 10 foot par putt for the win!  They finished the back 9 one under and pulled off an unbelievable comeback.

River Islands Golf Club

Maryland Poker

I hadn't played any poker in September until this week.  Here are some interesting hands:

1.) With K,J in mid position, I make it $10.  I get two callers including the rock on the button.  The flop is K,J,4 and I lead out for $15.  Only the rock calls with $95 behind.  The turn is another blank and I bet $30.  He raises to $60!  What do you do?

2.) I open to $10 with Q,Q and get one caller two seats to my right.  The flop is Q,J,3 and I lead out for $15.  He calls.  The turn is an A and I bet $25.  He raises to $70!  I'm $240 behind and he covers.  What do you do?

3.) I'm sitting on $95 and both opponents cover me.  Seat 10 opens to $10, seat 2 makes it $50 and I look down at A,K.  What do you do?

4.) I am dealt J,J♦ and bet $12.  I get one caller.  On a 10,9,2 flop I bet $20. He goes all-in for $90 and I cover.  What do you do?


  1. 1. If he's a rock, he probably has pocket 4s or maybe Js. His bet (min raise) is designed to get more money out of you, but not drive you out. Sorry, but you have to fold.

    2. Easy fold. What can you beat?

    3. I would shove or fold, probably shove. Calling is a bad bet.

    4. Easy call. Could be beat, but he is most likely on (an over-played) A-10 or a flush draw.

    Disclaimer: I play mostly tournaments, and am not much of a ca$h game player.

    1. 1. Considering his stack size would be tough to fold?
      2. All two pairs
      3. Raise to $50 is big but I hold blockers to A,A and K,K
      4. Straight and flush draw maybe or A,10 was my thinking.

  2. 1) Looks like a set of 4s. However, given the money in the pot and what he has left, dang!

    2) To answer MOJO: pocket 3s or two pair. Feeling lucky today, punk? lol

    3) I agree with MOJO. TBC would auto-jam. The raise to $50 doesn't sound like AA or KK, more like JJ.

    4) Again I agree with MOJO.

    Thanks for posting these hands!

  3. 1. Looks bad but you get 5-1 to call or 2.5-1 to push him in. While he is a rock, could he make this bet with AK?
    2. Not knowing the player, would he call with K-10 preflop? That or aces is all you're worried about. In his shoes I'd make this play with JJ, especially if I thought you held AK or AQ. If he's pretty loose then maybe that's a fold.
    3. Seat 2 looks like JJ or 10-10. Do you want to gamble? Bigger fear is seat 10 holding AK or AQ taking away some of your outs.
    4. Instacall. If he has a set or bigger pocket pair, them's the breaks. A-10 is playing it the same way, so is a draw.

    1. 1. Based on the previous hour at the table, he seemed on the tighter side.
      2. I didn't see him play many hands. When I bet pre it looked like he wasn't sure what he wanted to do. Sometimes this is weakness and sometimes it is strength.
      3. Good point about seat 10. I thought a shove might push him out but since seat 2 is under $140 total maybe he likes his odds/hand.
      4. Pretty good point.

  4. 1) shove though you are likely behind

    2) call an d reevaluate on river

    3) fold

    4) easy call