Sunday, September 17, 2017

Poker Quiz Results

It was nice to see the Tennessee Titans beat the Jacksonville Jaguars today.  They are back in the lead (tie) in the division.  Let's get back to poker.

1.) With K,J in mid position, I make it $10.  I get two callers including the rock on the button.  The flop is K,J,4 and I lead out for $15.  Only the rock calls with $95 behind.  The turn is a blank and I bet $30.  He raises to $60!  What do you do?

I moved all-in and he scooped with J,J.  To remove any doubt that he was a rock, after the hand was over he said, “I thought you had pocket kings.”  This particular table had as many old rocks as Stonehenge! 

2.) I open to $10 with Q,Q and get one caller two seats to my right.  The flop is Q,J,3 and I lead out for $15.  He calls.  The turn is an A and I bet $25.  He raises to $70!  I'm $240 behind and he covers.  What do you do?

I’d like to have this one back.  I moved all-in and was snap called by K,10.  The correct play was to just call.  The river was a blank and he won.  If he shoves the river, I definitely fold and save $170.  But if he bets half pot on the river, I doubt I fold.

3.) I'm sitting on $95 and both opponents cover me.  Seat 10 opens to $10, seat 2 makes it $50, and I look down at A,K.  What do you do?

Seat 10 was a loose player.  I thought seat 2 wanted to isolate him.  I talked myself into believing that neither of them had A,A or K,K since I was holding A,K.  My only options were fold or shove.  I shoved, seat 10 called, and seat 2 moved all-in for $140ish.  Here is the sick outcome of the hand.  Seat 2 flipped over A,A and seat 10 showed Q,9.  The board ran out 9,x,x,Q,K and seat 10 won all the chips!

4.) I am dealt J
,J and bet $12.  I get one caller.  On a 10,9,2 flop I bet $20. He goes all-in for $90 and I cover.  What do you do?

I called and he showed A,3.  The board ran out…

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