Sunday, August 20, 2017

High Noon Poker

I took some time off from work Friday and got in a three hour session at the MGM.

The bus pulling a DeLorean time travel trick

They were running a Lucky Table promo drawing every hour.  I got there at high noon just in time for the 12:15 pm drawing.  My table went 0 for 4.  During the last drawing, the TV screen showed our table number and then moved once more.  Congratulations to everyone at table 23 for winning $500.  Let's get to some hands.

I sit down in seat 4 and the third hand I get is K-K.  I make it $13 and get called by an Asian guy in seat 6.  The flop is A-x-x and it checks around.  He bets $10 on the turn and $15 on the river.  I call, he shows A-5 and I pay that man his money.

Before I knew it, I'm down to $135.  The table didn't impress me that much so I added $60 to my stack.  I worked my stack up to around $350 and then this hand happened.

Hand 1:

Less than 30 minutes later, this strange hand happened.

Hand 2: 

I finished the session with the following hand.

Hand 3:

There was an older guy at the table who was a bigger rock than Dwayne Johnson.  If he raised, you could be sure that he had a very strong hand.  For some reason, some of the other players didn't notice this and donated chips.  Overall, I don't think there was much skill involved in my win, just good cards.

The Trophy


  1. These hands you showed make you ineligible for any bad beat or card dead bitching for the next one or two weeks. Good job!

  2. tw -- I hope Rob notices that hand with the Q-10. Q-10 (especially when sooted, more especially when spades) is magic!