Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hand Histories

If you like poker hand histories, you've come to the right place.  Below are some of the hands from the two winning sessions that came before the post about quads and being called Troy.  Let me know which hands you would have played differently.

Hand 1:

His raise pre-flop made me think he most likely had a pocket pair or (less likely) A-Q.

Hand 2:

A,K would probably have raised pre-flop.  A-Q, A-J, or A-9 seem most likely but I hold a J and a 9.  Maybe I should have found a fold on the flop.  Would you have folded this hand?

Hand 3:

I didn't think there was a way I was ahead on them both on the flop.  I stand by my fold.

Hand 4:

This was one of the craziest hands that I've ever played.  You might say that my play was extremely reckless/dumb and I won't disagree.  If I remember correctly I had built a stack and it had dwindled down.  Seat 4 opening to $13 is A-K, A-Q, T-T, or 9-9+.  Seat 6 calling could be 7-7, 5-5, or 3-3.  When I jammed, I didn't expect seat 4 to call.  After the hand, I asked seat 6 if he would have called if seat 4 folded and he said NO.  My image before this hand was very tight and I think that's why seat 6 gave me credit.  I don't expect to do anything like this again any time soon.

Hand 5:

Hand 6:

Seat 6 was a very competent player.  He had built a stack and was playing well.  On the flop, after my bet, seat 9 threw his cards into the muck and the K flipped over.  After the hand, seat 6 said that seeing the K go into the muck influenced him to call.

Hand 7:

Seat 5 debated on calling the flop but decided against it.  He jumped up when the 5 came on the river.

Hand 8:

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