Sunday, August 13, 2017

Four and No More

It's over.  Four in a row.  That is where the streak ended at the MGM.  Getting to four was difficult as I explained in my last post.  Going for five winning sessions in a row proved to be too much for this grasshopper.

From the start, I struggled.  I was unable to win even a few redbirds to get me above the starting stack.  I seemed to have the second best hand a lot or I'd fold only to see one of my few outs arrive on the river.  The cards weren't going my way, therefore, I was playing badly OR I was playing poorly, therefore, the cards didn't go my way.  Let's take a look.

Few calls before it gets to me.  In late position, I open K-J to $12 in seat 2.  Only the guy UTG calls with a stack of $80.  We see the flop of J-3-7.  He checks, I bet $15 and he moves all-in for $68.  I call and he flips over Q-Q.  He just called $3 pre-flop.

Few orbits later, I look down at 10-10.  I open to $12, seat 3 calls, it folds around to seat 1 who makes it $50.  I move all-in for $52 more, and both call.  Seat 1 had K-K and seat 3 scooped with A-9 after an ace on the flop.

I rebuy and continue to slide.  I lose $60 with A-6 vs 8-Q♥ on a board of A-7-8-9 when the 4 comes on the river.

I butchered the last hand of the day.  I specifically put my opponent on a hand but couldn't fold.  Why?  Because I was playing my pocket aces like they were invincible.

Seat 1 opens to $16, I call with A-A and seat 3 calls.  The flop is T-J-Q and seat 1 bets $30.  I call, and seat 3 moves all-in for $148.  Seat 1 folds and I stop to think.  He called pre-flop and he's moving all-in on the flop.  It has to be A-K.  I don't fold right away.  I start telling myself that it could be A-Q.  I call and of course he shows A-K.


  1. The last hand -- where was the re-pop with A-A? It seems to me you were just inviting trouble. Of course, when a night is bad, it seems like nothing goes right. Get 'em next time!

    1. You are correct. I did consider it. I thought about the hand afterwards and I think seat 3 calls if I make it $50. Not folding the flop is the play I regret more than not raising pre-flop.

  2. If you keep winning four out of five sessions, you'll do just fine.