Friday, August 4, 2017

Digging Myself Out of a Hole

We start the session with a 3 session winning streak.  I'm in seat 5 at table 22.  The table is playing tight and rarely do we see a big pot.

I lose some chips when my open-ended straight draw doesn't connect.  I strike-out again while fishing for the fifth club.  Third hand, I open A-K to $12 and get two callers.  The flop is J-Q-7 with two hearts.  It checks around.  Another J comes on the turn.  Thinking that a queen or jack would have bet the flop to charge flush draws, I decided to open for $30.  First guy calls but the second one moves all-in.  I get out of the way while the other guy makes the call.  The river is a blank and they show Q-A vs J-J for the quads and $300 for hitting the high hand promo.

Down to $85, I bet A-7 both diamonds to $12 and get a two callers.  They both check the Q-9-2 flop and I move all-in.  I get called by Q-K and lose.  My starting stack pulls a Houdini in less than two hours.  Time for a walk.  As I get up, I think to myself, I didn't like that table anyway.

I decide to take a stroll on the outdoor deck overlooking the National Harbor.  I make it about ten steps outside before the blaring music forces me to pull a U-Turn.

Back to the podium I go.  This time around, I get sent to table 13, seat 2.  In for $250.  It doesn't take me long to realize that it is a completely different game.  The stacks are bigger, there is more betting, and the bet sizing is bigger.

I hover around $200 when the following hand happens:

Unable to win a hand, I make my final stand with K-J:

Trooper in seat 5

After that hand, I lose two decent size pots.  In one of them, I called $10 on the button with K-5 both clubs.  Four of us saw the flop.  The flop was 4-4-5.  I bet $50, the SB and another player called.  The turn was a 3.  SB bet and the other player called.  I got out of the hand.  It went to showdown and SB flipped over 3-3.  He called $50 on the flop!

It felt like my chances of making it 4 winnings sessions in a row were returning to 0%.  But then this hand happened:

Thirty minutes later, I'm dealt the final hand of the night.

I cash out +$75 for the night and make it 4 in a row!


  1. Well done, sir! Sometimes clawing back to + feels better then winning start-to-finish.


  2. if theres JJ on the board and one guy has JJ for quads and another has QJ, theres 5 jacks in this deck

    1. Tony, you are correct. The other hand was A-Q