Saturday, July 29, 2017

My Name is Troy and I Flop Quads

I got a chance to play some cards and here is what happened.

Usually when I get to the podium I just tell them my nickname and they put me on the $1/$3 list.  The MGM had a lucky table promotion going, one table is selected every hour and each person at the table wins $500.  I got to the podium 15 minutes before the drawing and there were 21 people on the waiting list.

The two guys in front of me gave the podium guy their rewards cards and he put them on the list.  I did the same and went to grab some chips.  Twenty minutes passed and the list had shrunk down to 7.

With my chips in hand, I walked back to the podium and told the suit that I should be on the list but don't see my name.  Also, I didn't hear them call me for a seat.  He swiped my card again and told me that he just called my name a minute ago.  I couldn't believe it!  I was few feet away and didn't hear my name called.  He said that he will bump me up to the top.  I said OK and moved few steps to the side.

As I was standing there, the suit called out, "Troy for $1/$3, Troy for $1/$3."  I thought to myself - so much for him bumping me up, oh well.  Then he looked at me and said, "Troy, right?"  I moved few steps towards him and replied, "I'm not Troy."  He said that in the system my nickname came up as Troy.  I had him correct the name, which by the way was not even close to Troy, and then he sent me to my table.

I sat down in seat 5 and started to ponder why would they suddenly have my nickname wrong.  And then I remember!  Last time I played, I didn't have my card and they printed me a new one.  I ended up going up to the Rewards desk to have them reprint the card with my nickname on it.  Which they did.  I guess the lady mistakenly typed Troy for my nickname into the system.

With everything squared away, I focused on poker.  The table was very passive.  Many hands were checked on the flop and the turn with three or more players in the hand.  I didn't really have to make my brain work hard.  It was ABC poker.

The first hand that I played for more than ten dollars was KJ.  I bet $12 and it folded to seat 10 on the button.  She moved all-in for $42.  This was her third all-in bet in the past orbit.  It folded to me and I decided to put in $30 more for the chance to win almost $60.  The board ran out J-K-x-x-x and I scooped.  She rebought.

Then, I played K-10 of clubs versus an Asian lady in seat 1.  The flop was 10-4-5 rainbow and she opened to $10.  I called.  The turn was an 8 and she bet $15.  I called.  The river was another 5 and she bet $20.  I called and she showed 10-2 of hearts.  I scooped again.

Few orbits later, I look down at K-K in the cut-off and open to $12.  I get two callers including the lady in seat 10.  The flop is a magical K-K-J and it checks around.  The turn brings another J.  The lady in seat 10 bets $15 and only I call.  The river is a blank and she folds to my bet.  I show the quads.  The dealer quickly gathers the cards and I only manage to get a blurry photo.

The last hand of the day also included pocket kings.  

And that's how "Troy" booked a solid win.


  1. Flopping quads is good news/bad news. You have the nuts, but hard to get paid.

  2. I flopped quad Kings at Harrah's Joliet and a guy pushed all in on me. The BBJ was over $700,000, and I was hoping he'd flopped a set and we'd be hoping for a magic turn or river. Unfortunately, he only flopped two pair.

    1. That's a huge BBJ! At the MGM it seems it is under $25,000 most of the time.