Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Knock, Knock

Who is there?
Losing who?
Losing Streak!

My play at the MGM has been mediocre.  Because of my decisions, not only is Lady Luck not knocking on my poker door but she has left the building.

Here are several examples of how I chased Lady Luck away.

Hand 1:

I could have played it differently by checking the flop.  I thought a healthy flop bet would get him out.  Once he called, I slowed down on the turn.  Unfortunately, the river was the worst card for me and my shove was just as bad.  I put him on a king.  Of course he is not going to call the river bet with just a king!

Hand 2:

It's unfortunate that he caught one of his three outs on the flop.  I did not think he had AA, KK, or QQ since he only called flop and checked turn.  He debated folding on the river.  He even said, "I think I'm beat." But he called and my bluff failed miserably.

If you think that was bad, here is something more dumb.  I'm in seat 1 and the old lady in seat 5 is terrible.  I just watched her call a big river bet (and lose) with the fourth best pair!  She rebought and I made a mental note that she sucks.

Hand 3:

Here I am saying how bad the old lady was but my play was even worse!  What hand will I get her to fold on the river?  Only draws.  If she has pocket deuces, she is calling!  This is an example of me trying to represent a big pocket pair and thinking that I can outplay her without having a pair.  Wrong!

Let's end the post with a hand where I actually got it in as a favorite.

Hand 4:

Looking back at the hand, if I raise pre-flop to $30 and he called, on the flop I move all-in for $45 and maybe he folds.

I need to look for better spots with made hands and leave bluffing to the professionals.


  1. I sorta hate the C-bet, check, bet line with high-card. It seems to work so infrequently. I know it's the only way to win the hand; but at $1/3, I sorta think you're better off firing two barrels up front or just giving up on the turn (or, even checking the flop). I actually sometimes check the turn WITH top pair / over pair to make a river bet look bluffy and induce a call from a marginal hand. But what do I know about pokerz

    1. Yeap, without a pair my bluffs should be calls or checks. When is your next visit to the MGM?

    2. Hoping to be over there the next few Saturdays, work permitting.