Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Treading Water

I've been treading water for the last month or two.  I haven't played that much.  I've had a winning session at all three local poker rooms.  I've also had losing sessions at MD Live and at the MGM.  In my experience, it only takes a few hands to decide if a session ends with a win or a loss.  Let's take a look at some hands.

The first hand, we'll call it the Poker Meister because in a recent post, his opponent beat him with 8,2.
Hand 1:

This hand was very frustrating for three reasons.  One, earlier, I was involved in a hand with the same player.  I flopped a queen-high straight but on the river he caught up and we chopped.  Two, I flopped it but he caught one of his three outs on the turn.  Three, after we both checked the river, I said, "You have an eight, don't you?"  He replied that he did.  Then he turned his cards over and the dealer had to tell him that he had rivered a flush.

Hand 2:

This hand happened not too long after Hand 1 above.  Hitting top pair on the flop with a flush draw is about as good as it gets.  I think he called because I was short stacked and he liked his hand.

Hand 3:

I was surprised at the number of players in the hand.  I wasn't sure if betting bigger or controlling the pot was smarter.  I definitively thought at least one person was on a club flush draw.  Once I nailed the river, I wasn't sure how big of a bet would get called.  Maybe I could have bet more?

Hand 4:

I wanted to include this hand because my river bet didn't get called.  I didn't think the river would have raised any flags for the opponent.  Maybe he was on a draw.  I was left wondering what sizing would have work if he had a jack.


  1. a few hands? it only takes 1. if u miss your flush draw, u lose. if u hit these draws u win big for the night

    1. True,one big hand or few hands with medium pots.