Thursday, June 22, 2017


Played a short session after work.  Haven't had a chance to play much poker in June.  Let's get to some hands.

The first hand did not involve me but it was kind of funny.  A short stack moved all-in on the flop of 6,6,2.  Seat 9 thought about it and called with 8,8.  The turn was a 4 and the river a 5.  Seat 2 flipped over 3,3 and won with a six-high straight.

I am in seat 3 with two towers of red birds in front of me.  There is a high hand promo going on.  The high hand on the board is quad jacks.

I bet $11 pre-flop with A,J in mid position and get one caller.  The flop is K,K,3 and I lead out of $14.  A guy with a blue Orioles hat, in seat 6, calls.  The turn is a J and I check.  He bets $25.  Does he really have a king?  Wouldn't K,x want to see the river in hopes of hitting the fourth king and qualify for the HH promo?  Both hole cards have to play.  Only K,2 would be dead on the turn.  I don't think J,x would bet the turn.  I call and the river is a 4.  I check and he bets $55.  What would you do?

Just a few hands later, I get dealt 2,2.  Four of us see the flop for $2 each.  The flop is 2,4,5.  I bet $7 and only the blue Orioles hat guy calls.  The turn is a 9 and I bet $10.  He makes it $35.  I look at his stack and he has less than $50 left.  I raise to $100 and he is all-in for $82.  What did I put him on?  Maybe A5, 66, 77, or 45.  Now that I think of it, A3 makes sense also.  But, au contraire, he flips over 3,6.

I don't improve and after all that, I'm even-steven.

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