Sunday, April 16, 2017

Two Bullets

Another session recap from March.  I headed back to the MGM to see if my luck was still intact.  I was seated in seat 6 and within two hours my $200 had turned into dust.  I got out-kicked in one hand and my mid pocket pair ran into a higher pocket pair in another hand.  I realized that I was playing hungry, never a good thing.  After I lost my chips, I got up and went to get some food.  After 45 minutes, I was ready to fire my second bullet.

I told myself that patience is the key.  If tournament players are like Wild West gunslingers who use chips instead of guns, then cash players are like military snipers who wait for the best opportunity to fire.  I told myself to be a sniper and wait for an opening.

I got to the podium and they sent me to a different table but to seat 6 again.  This table did not look fun at all.  Seat 3 had an $1800 stack (max buy-in is $500).  Two more players had $800+ each.  Many hands were raised to $15 or more pre-flop.  This was the kind of table that would not let you see a flop for cheap.  It was playing like a heavyweight fight.  One big hand could deliver a KO.

Two hours in, I had won two small pots and was sitting on $244 when the following hand happened.

Hand 1:

It was not an easy hand until the turn.  I came close to folding my hand on the flop.  If the 9 was not a spade, I would have folded.  Luckily, it all worked out and I ended up cashing out over $600.

An interesting thing happened when seat 5 hit quad Jacks and qualified for the high hand promo.  With 30 minutes to go, seat 8 made an offer to buy the hand for $200.  Seat 5 wanted $300.  The HH promo payout was $500.  No deal was made.

What would it take for you to sell your HH with 30 minutes to go?


  1. With the high hand promo, it depends on how many players are in the room. If there are less than 10 tables, I would not sell for $200 with 30 minutes to go.

    1. $200 seems low, there were 30+ tables going.

    2. That is a lot of tables. The bottom line, how often is the winning hand quad Jacks or lower? 30 tables x 10 handed x 15 hands/30min = 4500 hands. What is the chance none of those 4500 hands beat quad Jacks?