Thursday, April 13, 2017

Poker at MGM: Day 2

During my first session (see post), I was seated at one of the tables behind the podium.  This time, they sent me all the way back to the corner.  I kind of like it back there.  There is a door and a window so natural light comes thru.  There is less foot traffic and they have plenty of TVs.

I was in seat 7.  I was watching a little bit of March Madness while waiting for the button.  The table play didn't look too difficult so I was ready to go to battle.  I've started using the Share My Pair app so I don't have to write out all the hands.  It also helps with seeing pot sizes on each street.  Check out the hand replays below (use ShareMyPair app on your phone or click the link below on your computer).

Hand 1:

I missed a few draws and was down to $275 when this hand happened.

Hand 2:

As you can see, on the turn, I thought I had a redraw to the flush in case he was ahead.  We both flipped over our cards before the river.  I went from wanting to see a heart to not wanting to see an ace or a heart.

There was one more hand where I won $60 when my Q-J smashed the board x-x-J-J-Q.  The end result is pictured below.

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