Saturday, April 1, 2017

I'm Back & Hellmuth in DC

In the words of Scotty Nguyen - I'm back, baby!  The MGM National Harbor poker room is so close to me that I had to check it out sooner or later.  In my case, it was later.  I remember when the MD Live poker room opened and the waiting list was ridiculous.  It was the same for MGM.  But after three months, it has calmed down a bit.

Last night, I went to the MGM after work and met-up with four of my buddies.  We were all on the $1/$3 list for more than an hour.  We took a stroll around the property and I took some photos.

One of my friends mentioned that Phil Hellmuth was at the MGM earlier in the day.  Once I got seated, few players at the table also said the same thing.  I was a little bit bummed out that I didn't get a chance to see him play live.  Anyways, I put the Poker Brat out of my mind and focused on my game.
Two hours into my session (in seat 5), the guy in seat 2 looked at me and pointed behind me.  I turned around and there he was, the Tom Brady of tournament poker, winner of 14 WSOP bracelets, Phil Hellmuth!  He was getting situated at the only elevated poker table in the room.  Few players went up and took photos with him.  Less than an hour later, I racked up and my friends and I went to dinner at Tap Sports Bar.  After dinner, we stopped by the high stakes table to observe the action.

The game being spread was $25/$50 no-limit.  Phil was in seat 5.  Average stack was around $10,000.  I'm not sure why but we didn't see any of the players tip the dealer.  We actually stuck around for few extra hands just to verify that no tipping was taking place.

Lucky for us, the last hand we observed involved Phil, on the button, getting into it with the guy to his left.  I'm not sure who bet pre-flop but only the two of them saw the flop.  The flop was 7-K
-A.  The SB bet and Phil called.  The turn was 2.  I think SB bet, Phil raised, and SB called.  The river was a blank and they got it all-in.  The SB had A,Q and Phil won a $20,000 pot with J-10!

As for my poker sessions, I'll discuss those in future posts.

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