Saturday, April 22, 2017

Battle at the MGM

Recap of another March madness poker session.  This was an up and down all-out battle.  Let's get to some hands.

I sit down in seat 6.  To my right is an older gentleman who resembles Professor Henry Jones Sr. (minus the hat and the glasses) played by Sean Connery in the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie.  To his right, is a middle-aged Asian guy.

Hand 1:

The Asian guy's bet on the turn clearly said that he didn't want us chasing draws.  I took some time before folding on the turn.  The pot odds say I should fold and the implied odds might not be much better.  The flush won't be disguised.  I didn't want to call 1/3 of my stack because I couldn't figure out what the professor had.  I feel like I made the right play until the heart on the river 😃.  Would you have called?  The interesting part is that when the Asian guy turned over J,10 the professor said he missed his straight draw.  Only after a second did he realize he won the pot with a higher two pair.

Then, I get dealt K-9 of diamonds.  Seat 2 bets and three of us see the flop.  The flop is Q-Q-10 with two diamonds.  I lead out, he raises, and I move all-in.  Only he calls.  The turn is an off-suit Jack and I like it.  As the dealer is putting out the river, my opponent is proudly turning over his cards.  He shows Q-Q and my jaw drops seeing the quads.  I say nice hand and I get up and go for a walk.

After 20 minutes, I ask the podium for a new seat.  They send me to seat 5 at a different table.  I'm hoping this time the cards go my way.  Second hand dealt and I see A-K of clubs.  The lady in seat 4 is short stacked and leads out for $12; only I call.  The flop is A-x-x and she bets.  I call and we see a blank on the turn.  She is all-in and I call.  She sees my A-K and mucks after the river; I'm up to $275.

get involved with a big stack in seat 6 who is sitting on $600.  I raise J-10 of spades to $10 and he calls.  The flop is 9-8-x with two spades.  I bet $15 and he calls. Turn is a blank and I bet $25 and he makes it $75.  Having an open-ended straight flush draw, I call and we see another blank on the river.  I check-fold and go back down to about $160.

I make a stand with the following hand:

Hand 2:

I don't like my opponent's play.  What is he accomplishing by making it $120.  He'll get worst to fold and better to call.  I'm already putting him on Q-Q or lower.  I'm blocking A-A and K-K.  What does he think I have 9-9 or lower?  Even if he puts me on exactly A-K we are flipping.  As you can see, the run out was favorable.

Finally, the cards go my way.  I tip the dealer and stack my chips.  Up to $302.

Then, the hand of the night goes down.  The table is good and there is action.  I make the mistake of checking A-A UTG thinking someone will bump it up.  ONLY CALLERS!  Seven players see the flop.  I'm mad for not raising.

Hand 3:

I can say that I did many things wrong in this hand but the result was great.  My pre-flop check kind of worked since it disguised my hand quiet well.  The problem with the move is that I have no idea what my opponents might be holding.  I checked the turn and that was also bad.  Both of them could have checked and the pot would have stayed small.  Seat 6 couldn't figure out why I check-raised the turn.  I raised because I wanted to charge the draws.  Seat 8 said you only live once before calling my all-in.  I guess he was ready to gamble.

I won another pot with A-J by betting $11 and getting a caller.  The flop was 8-9-3 and I bet $15.  Got called again.  The turn brought a Jack, I bet, and got called.  On the river, I bet $55 and got called.  We won the battle and our trophy is pictured below.


  1. I'm enjoying Share my Pair. Having said that, I don't believe Hand 3 matches the commentary ? ?

    1. You are correct. I fixed it, thanks!