Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekend Poker

I got a chance to play some poker this past weekend.  With the weather being so cold, outdoor activities like golf were not an option.  The masses headed south of DC to the brand new MGM casino.  Fearing the crowds, I headed north to Live.  My days at Live are numbered.  I'm wrapping up my poker year and Live career very soon.  Why drive 60 miles round-trip when I can drive under 20 miles and still play some cards.

Now back to poker.  I had a winning session but it could have been a lot better.  

Hand 1:  Seat 1 is occupied by a young black guy.  He seems to be a competent player.  He has raised pre-flop and on the flop in position when he sensed weakness.  Seat 4 is in his early 50s and is a new player to the table.

I'm dealt K-J.  I don't remember the pre-flop action.  Maybe there was a small bet to $7.  The flop is Q-10-2.  I think there was a $10 bet by seat 1 who was UTG.  We both called and checked the 8 on the turn.  The river was a 9 and seat 1 leads out for $45.  Seat 4 puts out $80 but the dealer tells him to make it $90 total.  Action is on me.  I'm certain that seat 4 has a jack.  I can't just call because that would close the action since seat 1 is only calling or folding.  I make it $205.  Seat 1 folds and seat 4 moves all-in.  I call and he flips over K-J for the chop!

Hand 2:  I've been playing for a few hours when an older lady joins the table.  I think she was playing $150 to $175 behind and I have twice that in front of me.  Few orbits later, I get dealt A-K UTG and bet $10.  The lady calls and everyone else returns their cards to the dealer.  The flop is Q-J-10.  I assume she has to have hit one of those cards so I check.  She bets $15.  I want her to think that I'm pondering a call (but all I'm really thinking about is Vegas and the fucking Mirage).  Haha...not really but I was envisioning her chips being pushed my way.

The turn is a blank and I check again.  She bets $25.  Now I know she likes her hand.  I raise to $55 and she moves all-in.  I snap call and she tables K-9.  What a great feeling to see her hand wasn't A-K.  We just had to go thru the customary procedure of having the dealer put out the river card so I could start raking in the pile of redbirds.  The dealer puts out an ace on the river and we chop!


  1. Those are the times where I just stare straight ahead with this blank look on my face and say to no one in particular "I hate poker" lmao. I really don't but damn it feels good to say it sometimes.