Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sideways Poker

It's been a sideways dance at the poker tables lately.  I win a session and then I lose a session.  Here is how I gave back the last win.

I open to $10 with A-J.  I get two callers.  The flop is 2-2-9 and we check it all around.  The turn is J and I bet $20.  Only the short stack calls.  The river is a 6 and I bet $20.  He moves all in for $48 total.  I payoff his Q-10 flush.

I call $10 with A-J and see a flop with the bettor two seats to my right.   The flop is J-3-8 and he bets $15.  I call and we see a 6 on the turn.  This time he bets $20 and I call.  The river is a 2 and he bets $20.  I raise to $65 and he thinks for a bit and calls with A-A.

I'm dealt J♣-2♣ in BB.  Seat 10 bets $7, I call, and so does seat 9.  The flop is 2-7-4.  Seat 9 bets $5 and we both call.  The turn is J and seat 9 bets $7.  Seat 10 calls and I raise to $25.  Both make the call.  In my head, I'm screaming no heart, no heart.  The poker gods send the 6 on the river.  Seat 9 checks, seat 10 bets $50 and only the dumb author of this blog calls.  He only shows me the stone cold nuts A-10.  I think this is one of the worst calls I've made in a long time.

I straddle for $5 and get 6 callers.  I look down at A,T and move all-in for $122.  Everyone folds except seat 9.  He thinks about it and calls all-in $90.  Board runs out 2-4-5-3-9 and he flips over Q-T for the flush.

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