Friday, November 4, 2016

Runner Runner

I finally got a chance to return to the red felt at Live.  I exchanged two Benjamin Franklins for two black chips in the line in front of the cage.  As we all know, I've had a superstition that I can't win when playing upstairs.  It was no surprise that they sent me to the second floor with my two chips in hand.  I got situated in seat 9 and prepared for the grind.

Orbit 1: no hands

Orbit 2: I lost $20 total with 8,9 when I caught two pair on the river versus a guy who had 8,10 and caught a straight on the river.

Orbit 3: no hands 

Orbit 4: won four blinds on the flop with top pair top kicker

Orbit 5: no hands

Orbit 6: no hands 

Orbit 7: I had 6,9 and three of us saw the flop with two hearts.  I called a $10 bet and so did the other guy.  Turn was a blank.  We both called a $15 bet.  The river brought the third .  I bet $40 and got one caller who had trips. 

Orbit 8: no hands 

Orbit 9: I got dealt 2,10 in the BB and we saw 2,4,4 on the flop.  I called $7 and the turn was 2.  It was checked around.  The river was 10 and he bet $10.  I raised to $20, he called and then mucked.

Orbit 10: no hands 

Orbit 11: I reconnected with my two old friends, A and A.  I thought what would TPM and Rob do and bet $12.  Only the short stacked SB called.  The flop was 8,8,4 and he went all-in for $45.  I called and asked if he had an 8.  He shook his head.  I flip over the pocket rockets, he mucked after the river and then left.

Orbit 12: I lost $15 after calling a straddle and then a raise to $15 in a multi-way pot.  Flop was no good.

Orbit 13:

This brings us to the hand of the night.  I'm in the BB, about $300 behind, with 4,6.  I see a flop with the SB and the button.  Flop is 7,6,7 and it's checked to the button who is $200 behind.  He bets $10 and we both call.  The turn is 5.  I lead out for $20 and the button makes it $60.  The SB gets out of the way.

I took some time to make my decision.  At this point, I am thinking he has 7,x or a straight.  I have two outs to the nuts and seven more to a flush (he might be blocking one of them if he has 7,x that would give him a full house).  Also, there was a high hand promo going on worth $500.  I decided to call the raise and then check the river.  The river was a beautiful 3!  Time to reevaluate my options.

First to act, I had to decide how much to bet.  I decide to not to put him all-in and bet $100.  He called and folded saying he had a full house.

The dealer called the floor to verify the high hand.  There were 12 minutes left but my hand didn't stand for two minutes! Someone else got a 10 high straight flush and the $500.

I cashed out $450 few orbits later.  I got very lucky to win the hand but unlucky on the promo.  Which leaves me wondering if the second floor curse is broken.

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