Tuesday, November 22, 2016

10-10 and A-K

It's been a while since I posted a poker hand or two.  I found the following two hands in my phone that I can share with the poker audience.

I sit down in seat 7 with $200.  On the third orbit, I get dealt 10-10.  In early position, I lead out for $10.  Seat 8, seat 2, and seat 3 call.  Flop is 10-J-3 rainbow.  I check, seat 8 bets $17.  Two calls before it gets back to me.  Pot is about $90 and I raise to $40.  The table was playing tight.  I thought seat 8 would call at least.  To my surprise, they all folded.  Would you have played it differently?

Two orbits later, I get dealt A-K on the button.  Seat 6 bets $10.  I call and so does seat 8 in the SB.  The flop is A-7-6 rainbow.  Seat 8 leads out for $15 and I'm the only caller.  The turn is a 10, he bets $25 and I call.  The river is a 10 and he bets $35.  I'm thinking that he has an ace.  His river bet is kind of small and it gives the strength of his hand away.  I like the 10 on the river a lot.  If he had A,x then some of the time it is A-6 or A-7.  The 10 on the river counterfeits him.  I raise to $90.  He called and showed A-7.  How would you have played it?


  1. For hand one, you gave better than 3-1 odds on the call, meaning you've priced in every draw. I think a more optimal line would be an almost pot sized bet, making folks pay worse odds to hit their draws (most likely would be K/Q or 9/8. Bet sizing would be the only change I'd make.

    In hand 2, I'm guessing they had 8/9 for the turned straight. It's a bit tough, as I'd normally raise in that spot (button, AK, etc...), which should drive out the 8/9. However, I don't think a call pre is awful. I don't mind the raise on the river, as the only likely holding that wins is 8/9, and you're ahead on almost all aces.


  2. 1. If I'm the preflop raiser, I lead out with my flopped sets. I don't like the check. If I did what you did, I would check-raise to about $70.

    2. Would simply call the river. After the flop, I'm trying to get to show-down the rest of the way. If I raised on the river and got shoved on, how would I feel? Sick, that's how, so I don't like the river bet.

    Interested to see what happened.

  3. on the right u put the words TBC poker blog next to Joels blog, not mine.

  4. Yeah Ace you might want to check that. The address you have for the TBC link is actually the blog of The Poker Meister's blog called Just The Facts which for what it's worth in my opinion he writes a fine blog well deserved of you linking his on your site.

    1. Are you clowns SERIOUSLY denying that TBC and Poker Meister are the same person? Puhleeeeaaaze

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  6. Hand 1: Why c/r here? Why not just lead out if you're going to do something aggressive? A c/r usually screams strong hand - especially at these stakes. Therefore, I lead for $30, or, seeing that 3 players are in the hand and I'm intent on c/r'ing, I raise to $70-80. Your $40 c/r is basically a min raise ($34 is a min raise to be exact) - close enough to one at least. If someone is floating KQ or Q9 or AK or AQ, you want them to pay for the draw. As played, you're giving them better than correct odds to draw to their straights.

    Hand 2: The standard is the just call the river, and in this situation, I think I agree. AK is so far fallen from the nuts, and most of the hands that call a river raise are going to have you beat. You don't describe the player, so I can't really judge how to play the hand except to say that I probably 3bet to $35 PF instead of just calling out of position.