Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Golf Trip: Part 1

The days are getting shorter and the cold nights are on the doorstep.  For the past six months, the leafs on the trees looked down on us with superiority.  But, as they descend down to the ground, it is our turn to feel tall and mighty.  All is not lost yet. The sun still graces us with enough warmth to draw us outside for few hours on the weekends.

It won’t be long before we’ll be sitting indoors staring out the window wishing the fall lasted a little longer or for the winter to pass quickly.  With that in mind, two young gentlemen in Tennessee headed northeast towards Roanoke to the valley beneath the Blue Ridge Mountains.  At the same time, the opposing team from DC headed west to I-66 and from there, down I-81.

At high noon on Saturday, they arrived at the Hanging Rock golf club.  The four gentlemen greeted each other and spent an hour in the clubhouse catching up.  With the carts packed with as many beers as golf balls, it was time to get down to business.  The sun was out but the wind was strong and in charge.  It didn’t stop the lads from enjoying the day.

The name of the game was Two-Man Scramble.   Team Tennessee got out to a fast start and through six holes was up 5.  They finished the front 9 with a commanding lead, up 4.  The highlight of the day came on hole 14 which has two separate (but equal) greens.  The tee shot is down the hill into the fairway. From the fairway you can either play a second shot up the hill and onto a green OR play a shot across a pond and onto another green.  On the tee box, the teams agreed to play the more challenging green across the water. Team DC got a par and won the hole!

It was a close fight and the lead was down to 2 with three holes to play.  But, the Tennessee boys managed to eke out ties on holes 16 and 17.  They wrapped up the win with a long putt on 18.

Team Tennessee was ecstatic to win a round of drinks and a meal. They were quiet rowdy in the lobby of the hotel during the check-in after the round.  After a two hour break, it was time to head to dinner and check out the bars in downtown Roanoke.

Par 3 Green Way Down the Hill

Hole 14 Water Green
The Crew