Saturday, September 17, 2016

Tournament: Part 2

I reentered the tournament for another $75.  Reentry ended after level 9.  When it was all said and done, there were 180 players.  18 got paid and the top prize was $3,000.

This time around, I ended up at a table in seat 8.  The deck was cold.  The blinds and antes were moving up quickly.  I tired to steal few times but got caught.  I was down to 7.2K in chips when I went for it again.

It folded around to me in the cut-off.  I  had 10-6 and made it 2100.  The button, who I expected to fold, moved all-in.  With the pot around 11,000, I couldn't fold for 5,000 more.

I flipped over my hand and he showed A-10.  I was hoping he had two high cards (no 10) or a low pocket pair.  I needed a lot of help.  Flop came down J-7-Q-9.  An 8 on the river would have chopped it.  A king wouldn't have been good because it would have given him a higher straight.  The river was a 6!  I couldn't believe it.  Finally, I caught a break.  I was up to 16,300 in chips.

Few hands later, a small stack moved all-in and I was the only caller in the big blind.  He had 4,4 but they were no match for my Q-Q.  Up to 22,000 in chips.

It folded around to seat 7 who was in the cut-off.  He went all-in for 15k in chips.  I had A,9 and thought he was stealing.  I was the only caller.  He flipped over A,8.  The flop was all high cards but the river gave me a flush.  Up to 40K in chips after that hand.

I had A-J in the big blind and don't remember how the action went.  It was three way to the flop with two short stacks being all-in.  One guy had 3-3 and 17,000 chips while the other guy had A-4 with 6,000 chips.  I ended up with Broadway and took it down.  Too bad there were no bounties!  Up to 64,000 in chips after that flip.

I was dealt 9-9 on the button and everyone folded to my bet.  Then, I had A-9 and saw the flop with three other players.  6-8-2 was an unimpressive flop.  9 on the turn allowed me to bet and take it down.  Up to 71,000 in chips.

The blinds and antes kept moving up and eating into my stack.  I had A-Q and bet pre-flop.  Two callers.  The flop was king high.  I tried to represent a king but it backfired after an opponent moved all-in.  Down to 40,000 in chips.

I saw a flop with Q-8 versus three short stacks.  One guy was all-in.  The flop was K-Q-6 and my bet on the flop made the other two guys fold.  The all-in guy flipped over A-5.  My pair of queens won and I had 58,000 chips.  Before the second break I was down to 53,000 in chips.  We went on break with 47 players remaining.

After the break, I was card dead.  The blinds and antes consumed almost half of my stack after the break.  We were down to 34 players when seat 4 moved all-in.  Seat 5 called.  I looked down at A-J.  It was a tough spot.  I was down to 10 big blinds.  It's not ideal to have a player before you call an all-in.

I was ready to flip for my tournament life.  Seat 4 showed 5,5 and the big stack in seat 5 had A-K.  The board ran out 6-K-2-Q.  I needed a 10 on the river for a straight.  Unfortunately, I didn't get lucky again.

I was out.  I thought about my call there.  I think it was a mistake.  I could have waited for a spot to move all-in first or a spot where it was heads up.  But, all that would have depended on getting another decent hand. 

Overall, I noticed I was a little bit rusty.  The 20 minute levels were the driving force behind the overall quality of the tournament.  We all knew, when we signed up, that it was a fast paced shootout.


  1. Sorry it didn't work out. Tournaments are fun, no?

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