Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tournament: Part 1

It's been a year and a half since I've played in a live poker tournament. Tournaments are my favorite form of poker or I should say, well structured tournaments are my favorite.  Prior to playing only NL $1/$2 for the past 18 months, I mostly played tournaments.

I was looking at the Live website and noticed that they run a $75 buy-in tournament with 15,000 chips and $10,000 guaranteed.  The levels are short (20 min) and the antes kick-in quickly; but I wanted to give it a shot.  I've been reading/watching a lot of tournament poker summaries and kind of missed the action.

I got there a little bit late due to traffic and got assigned a table and seat 3.  They were almost done with level 1 when I sat down.

Tournaments are the hare and cash games are the tortoise of the poker race.  Cash games require a lot of patience.  It can be quite boring sitting there for hours while the blinds go round and round.  In the first hour of the tournament, I saw plenty of action and several bad plays. It's a $75 buy-in after all.

I noted that seat 9 made some very (bad) questionable plays.  He won a decent pot coming from behind.  He gave those chips right back in a spot where it was obvious he was beat.

I had lost several small pots up until level 4.  Sitting on 10,000 chips, I was deal K-J.  Four of us put in 600 each to see the flop.  Flop came down K-7-3 rainbow and I bet 2,000.  Only seat 9 called who had started the hand with 8,500 in chips.  Turn was a blank and I shoved.  He called with K-9.  The river was a 9!

I put him on a weaker king but it didn't work out.  Few hands later, I was out.

I decided to fire one more bullet and reenter the tournament for another $75.  Stay tuned for part 2.

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  1. Sorry about the bad beat.

    I never know when to reenter or not. Hope it worked out for you.