Friday, September 2, 2016

Outsmarting Myself

No poker content today.  This post is about me outsmarting myself.  I have two examples to share.

First example happened when I received a great deal on cable TV.  I'm not sure how I got the deal, due to an error probably.  I called Comcast and the lady offered me an internet and cable package.  It was just your basic package.  I ended up getting internet, cable with HD, and several premium channels including the Golf Channel and the NFL Network for a ridiculously low price of $66 per month.

Few months later, I was going to Europe for four weeks and decided to suspend my cable service for a month.  Comcast let me do this for a $10 fee.  Here I was feeling like a genius.  Not only am I paying a great rate for cable but I'm also going to save over $50 while I'm out of town.

Once I got back, I called Comcast to reconnect my service.  Wouldn't you know it, the representative looked over my account and caught the initial error.  He said they could reinstate the internet and cable service without HD and the premium channels for $80 per month.  I only had myself to blame for messing up a great deal.

Second example was even more painful.  I had decided to move out of my apartment at the end of my lease.  Unfortunately, my lease was ending during a three week period I was going to be out of town.  So instead of giving the leasing office my move-out notice, I decided to go month to month.  The goal was to move-out end of May instead of April.

The catch was that the difference in rent would be $300 more during the one month to month lease.  I really didn't have any better options so this was acceptable.  After I got back in town, I decided to stay in the same building but move to a different apartment.

When it was time to pay the May rent online, the system only asked me to pay the same amount as I was paying during my lease.  The $300 had been forgotten!

I ended up moving into a new apartment mid June.  I paid for half the month in the old apartment and the rest in the new apartment.  The leasing office was kind enough to offer me a refund for the time the apartment rents overlapped.  

On the last day of June, I called them to ask for how much should I make the check.  The lady said to subtract $105 (that I over paid) from the monthly rent amount.  Being the smart guy that I am, I told her that I overpaid $135 and that should be the correct number to deduct.  She said she would get back to me.  Here I was feeling like a genius.  Not only did I not get charged $300, but I was also going to get back an extra $30.

I ended up going to the leasing office on the first day of July.  The leasing agent and the accountant met with me.  They said that they sat down with the property manager and looked over my account.  I was supposed to get back $135 BUT they discovered that I was incorrectly undercharged on my month to month rent by $300!  I went from getting a refund to owing them money.

Once again, I outsmarted myself.


  1. i'm much more honest than u. when in mc d's in the fitz 2 nights prior, my order was $9.43. the registers were down, and they were doing everything by hand. i paid a $10 bill and told her id give her the other 43cents in change to not get more change. once i did this, she went to give me $2.

    i told her its only $1, and handed her back the other $1. it was a middle aged blk lady, and i didnt let this influence my decision in any way. it shows PPP im not racist. i saved her from coming up short.

  2. Funny post. I'm sure we've all done stuff that backfires.