Monday, September 19, 2016

Only One Hobby

The idea for today's post came from Tim aka Trooper97 on YouTube (click here for his video channel).  He lives in Las Vegas and enjoys makes videos and playing poker.  He was asked what would his answer be if he had to pick between only playing poker or just making videos.  His answer was making videos.

I'll tweak the question a little bit.  First of all, we'll focus on having to choose between hobbies.  Secondly, you can't pick a hobby that you and your significant other (if you have one) enjoy doing together.  And third of all, you can't pick two hobbies in the same category (like two sports).  In other words, you have to pick between two hobbies that are just yours, very different, and take place away from home.

A good example would be a guy who likes to fish and play poker but his lady doesn't like either activity.  A bad example would be a lady that likes to play tennis and go to museums but her man also enjoys both activities.  Leave a comment below if you have a similar example.

I asked myself: If I could only choose to play one, would it be golf or poker?

Golf Pros: being outside, getting some exercise, playing with my guy friends, competitive, playing different courses, scenery, etc.

Golf Cons: weather can get in the way, slow pace of play, can't play all year round, frustration when the wheels fall off, can't played if injured, etc.

Poker Pros: indoors away from the weather, competitive, play at night an option, can play with a physical injury, chance of winning a promotion, etc.

Poker Cons: sitting for many hours, sitting next to unhealthy/rude  players, frustration when sucked out on, negative public perception, etc.

The answer comes down to which one do I enjoy more and which one would I miss more.

I would choose golf.

A wonderful memory


  1. This post makes me realize I need to find some hobbies (unless watching TV counts)

    1. According to a certain [in]famous blogger, lawyering is more of an "addiction," not a hobby

  2. Good answer. I'm dying DYING DYING to play Bear's Best. Problem is I suck.

  3. Ha ha, good topic. My two hobbies were baseball and poker. Wife and I compromised that if I gave up my summer baseball league, then I could go to Vegas this Fall (and also still get in my monthly poker games). Easy call!

    Then we discovered Baby #2 is on the way, and thus no Vegas. Ah well, still pokering every 4th Friday.

    1. Just remember to keep priorities straight. Poker will still be #1, right? : o ) Congrats!