Monday, September 12, 2016

Down to the Wire

Live was running a promotion where every 20 minutes the high hand won $500.  I have never won a high hand promo.  The session was not going well.  I'm down to about $100 after starting with $200.  But then, a crazy hand went down.

I'm dealt 9-9 on the button.  UTG+1 makes it $20.  Seat 4 calls and I call.  Strong bet in early position, I'm already putting UTG+1 on a big hand.

Flop comes down 2-9-J!  I'm already licking my chops.  I'm hoping UTG+1 has A-A or K-K and seat 4 has Q-Q.  UTG+1 wastes no time and announces all-in.  I guess he doesn't want us catching a flush on him.  To my surprise, seat 4 is all-in as well and both players cover me.  I'm all-in too.

After I speak, seat 4 says that UTG+1 and I need help.  I couldn't believe it.  Am I in a nightmare, I thought.  He flips over J-J!  I drop my head and mutter to myself, indeed a nightmare.  The dealer puts out the last two cards.  I look up and realize my nightmare has turned into a joyous miracle!  The turn had brought the 9!  Quads, the hand became the new high hand in the room.  The dealer put my hand and my opponent's hand next to the community cards.  He called the floor to verify the high hand.

Seat 2 had KK.  I went from worst pre-flop to second after the flop to first after the turn.  I won the pot and with ten minutes to go had the best high hand.  Catching a one outer was hard, now it was time to see if quad nines with a jack kicker could pull-off another miracle.

Whenever there is a new high hand in the room, the dealer calls the floor to that table.  The floor radios back to the poker room front desk.  Then, the new high hand is announced over the intercom.  And seconds later, the new high hand shows up on TVs around the poker room.  In my mind, I didn't want to hear anyone speak over the intercom for the next ten minutes.

Each minute seemed to drag on and on.  Interestingly enough, two players at my table got into an argument.  It got to a point where they were louder than the intercom.  The lady on the intercom spoke with four minutes to go but it was about a tournament.  The two guys had decided that today was not the day for one of them to be the bigger man.  The arguing continued and the dealer called the floor.  They kept yelling as the floor was approaching.

With 40 seconds to go, the intercom lady was back and said something.  I couldn't understand a word she said because the two non-gentlemen were spewing profanities at each other.  They were getting ready to confirm the time they would meet outside for a fistfight.  The floor took over the situation and moved one of them to a different table.

I really didn't care about the argument they were having.  I was glued to the TV screen waiting to see if a new high hand emerged onto the board.  I watched the last few seconds tick-off the clock unsure if I had won.  Another round of the high hand promo started and I finally knew that I was the winner!

It didn't take long for everyone at the table to start congratulating me, including the dealer.  I got the $500 prize in chips pretty quickly.  I tipped the dealer $35 on top of the $10 I gave him for winning the pot.

It was down to the wire but I finally won a high hand promo!

A memorable (blurry) photo


  1. Yee-haw! Nothing like scoring the great promo money AND winning big over two other players.

  2. TBC just had a stoke learning you gave the dealer more than 5 bucks. I once lost a high hand of quad k to a str8 flush with less than 5 minutes to go. Heartbreaking. Nice score.

  3. Congrats. And Congrats!

    I was at Harrah's a few weeks ago, playing on a Sunday night while the high-hand promo was going. Every half hour. with about 4 minutes left, it's announced that someone at Bally's has a Royal Flush. Not much more than a minute later, a reg at my table at Harrah's hits a Royal! How pissed must the dude at Bally's have been to have to chop that? Of course, the guy at our table, who's wife was out blowing money on the slots, commented that his wife would never believe he Royaled for a hi-hand and had to chop it . . . she's gonna wonder where the rest of the money is!