Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Poker Question

My last post drifted away from the topics we typically cover.  Let's get back to poker!

There was a $500 high hand promo going on every 20 minutes.  The high hand at the time was quad kings.  I was seated in a $1/$2 game but wasn't involved in the following hand.

With 5 minutes until the end of the high hand round, seat 6 bet pre-flop and seat 4 called.  The flop was Q-9-4 and both players checked.  The turn was Q♠, seat 6 slowly checked and seat 4 checked also.  The river was a king, seat 6 took his time and then bet.  Seat 4 called.

With 3 minutes left until the end of the high hand round, seat 6 flipped over Q-Q for quads!  He said that there was way too much time left on the clock for him to wait it out.  Since the current high hand was quad kings, all he could do was wait for the start of a new promo round and hope quad queens didn't get beat.  

Several players at the table commented.  Some said that they would have tried to milk the clock.  Others, including me, responded by saying that there was too much time left for the move to work without the floor nullifying the hand.

I'm curious what the readers think or what would they have done in this situation?


  1. what would they have done in this situation?

    Go ahead and just play it out, then cry a lot.

  2. I agree with MOJO. It just sucks when stuff like that happens, but there is little you can do. Do you hold up the action for three minutes? Are there some rules that would prevent that anyway?

  3. guys who hold up the action like this are complete assholes, like those who put racks on the floor, talk into their phone, or wear headphones. high hand promotions worthless in places theres tons of tables going instead of 1-3 tables. look for casinos which pay u for your hours instead or for your pocket aces.

    1. Tony:

      Were you injured at some point by a rack left on the floor? I can understand if you think it's rude. But you've been pre-occupied with "racks on the floor" for weeks now. What gives?