Monday, September 26, 2016

A Different Perspective

No poker content today.  As a matter of fact, I didn't even plan to write a post this weekendBut, it's the twists and turns of everyday life that shape us and in this case made me put words on (digital) paper.

This past Saturday evening I spent with my buddies watching college football.  Most of our group lives in nice buildings.  But Saturday night felt a little bit different.  The host lives (rents) in one of the newer and nicer buildings in Arlington.  It's a luxurious high-rise building where all the residents and their guests receive complementary valet parking.  From the valet parking, to the lobby, amenities, and the actual apartment, it was all very impressive.

Driving home Saturday night, I thought how I need to work harder, look to advance my career, and keep improving overall.

On Sunday, I went to drop-off my old sofa that I sold to a family who recently moved to the area from South America.  I helped them carry the sofa up a flight of stairs and into the apartment. They are a blue-collar family with two children (5 and 13). Understandably, they live in an older building and the apartment itself has seen many residents come and go over the years.

Driving home Sunday evening, I thought how I'm doing pretty good overall, have a good white-collar career, and to stay the course.

It is interesting how a single day can bring a completely different perspective to the same topic.


  1. In my experience, this is a never-ending struggle. There will always be people doing better; and people doing worse. Some in the former category get there by luck / lucky decisions, and others by hard work. The former make you question the way life works itself out; the latter make you question your own decisions /path in life. Many, many times I've wondered why some guy/woman I went to school with has wound up with such a much more impressive career; and then I wonder whether I would be miserable in life had I made those same choices. And then I think about people I've known that have much less than me. I hope, ultimately, I'll come to peace with my path. I think life is all about finding happiness, which takes different forms for different people. The hard part is finding what makes you happy. Anyway, just my two cents on a Monday morning. Much like Jon Snow, however, I may know nothing . . .

  2. Post-Script: Ace, I don't know how young or old you are, but, in my view, I'll add this:

    I think too often we are trained to chase money / success / status. Unfortunately, when some level is achieved, you may realize that your life is not all you were lead to believe it would be upon achieving your goals. Then you hear people say things like, "love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life," and you realize you hate your job and start wondering what your true passion is and what you could do to enjoy your work. However, by then, if you've been making money for some time, it's nearly impossible to transition. Your lifestyle/house/possessions (and, for most, family) all require you to maintain your income. You're basically stuck (the "golden handcuffs"). My point - the time to figure out your passion is when you are young. Anyway . . . perhaps, next time, you can just post about poker so I don't wind up down this depressing rabbit hole!

    1. Two dinosaurs or two dopes? I'm amazing that our two parties can't come up with someone better than this.

  3. PPP and I have exchanged many texts regarding this topic. I am one of those people who has been fortunate to mostly have jobs and positions I really liked. I have also been fortunate to have made a decent salary for my job. I am far from wealthy, but I have had a satisfying career and can look back and feel pretty good about what I have done in my career.

    Sometimes it is difficult to not envy those with a little more status or money, but I guarantee you, if you get a job and career you love, you'll be in good shape in the end.

    Good luck!

    1. "exchanged many texts . . ." I believe that is lightning's polite way of saying that I complain about work a lot!