Friday, August 12, 2016

Turn Shove Bluff

As a $1/2 player, I don't get crazy with bluffs.  A bluff here and there does happen.  But I try to stay away from putting my stack of $300 or $400 in the middle on a stone cold bluff.  Well, I did say that I try not to do it but the Nike slogan doesn't agree.

I'm in seat 5 with A, 4.  Seat 3 is in this hand and so is seat 10. Seat 10 is on the button with over $450.  I am $475 behind. Three of us see the flop after seat 3 bet $10.

The flop is K,2,7♣ and seat 3 bets $15 and we call.  Turn is 3 and seat 3 bets $35, I call, and seat 10 makes it $165!  Seat 3 folds quickly and I am left with a big decision.  What could seat 10 have?  No AA or KK because he would have raised pre-flop or before the turn.  He had pulled off this move before twice while in late position.  The big bets had worked before since everyone got out of his way.

I just couldn't see him showing up with a monster in this spot.  He is probably putting seat 3 on a weak king.  I don't look particularly strong either with my checking.  The question is What do I do?

The pot is about $270 and I just don't believe the guy in seat 10.  I do have a flush draw as a way out.  But, we all know that it's not right to call $165.  I could fold...or put pressure on the opponent.

After taking some time to think, I announce all-in.  That's right, I just dumped my $450 stack into the middle.  He doesn't snap call.  He sits quietly then starts to talk out loud.  Says something about having two pair.

I'm sitting there, not sure if I should be thinking of how stupid I am or how great of a play I made.  I was feeling more comfortable now then before I had announced all-in...which was surprising.

Seat 10 folds by sliding his cards towards the dealer.

My biggest bluff went through!


  1. I think you out-bluffed his bluff. Good job, baller. His calling out loud his "two pair," I think, was just his way of trying to save face when he really had sqaa-doosh. It's good to question and to re-examine your play, but you read your opponent and you made a good decision to out bully the bully.

  2. Yeah, we've all been there. I wish I had a rewind button on a few ill-timed and stupid bluff moves that I had blow up in my face. It's hard sometimes to be disciplined and yet creative, especially when you're faced with a cold deck. Just use the force and trust your feelings, young Jedi.

  3. Your instinct that you made a possible mistake is somewhat correct. You don't represent much with this line, as the 3 completes nothing and your opportunity to represent strong hands multiway was passed over on the flop and the first call on the turn, but seat ten has the same problem, so both your plays are both exploitation and you used past info to outmaneuver him. If he folded two pair he is making an error, so either he doesn't read the board that well or James C. was right and he was on a move.