Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fun in the Sun

Today's post is about an afternoon round of golf.  Well, to be exact, it was only 9 holes of golf.

On a sunny day in August, I got a chance to sneak out of work early with the plan to play 18 holes of golf.  My buddy and I met at the course and paid for 18 holes on the E.P. Blue Course.  Unfortunately, a bunch of DMV (DC/MD/VA) residents had the same idea.  The Blue Course was backed up so we told the starter that we are going to play the short, 9 hole, White Course.

Off we went.  On the first hole, a 156 yard par 3, I hit a decent 7 iron but it was off the green.  I chipped on but left myself a 20 foot putt.  Wouldn't you know it, I rolled it in!

I only hit 4 bad shots during the whole round.  One of them came on the second hole, a par 4.  Off the tee, I hit it right off the fairway and into a cluster of trees.  Luckily, the golf gods were with me and I found the ball.  I had an opening and chipped it back onto the fairway.  I managed a bogey.

I got a bit unlucky on the third hole.  I hit an iron that bounced left off the fairway and into some thick grass.  My second shot was either going to be a wrist breaker or a weak 15 to 20 yard punch-out.  Gladly for me, it was the latter.  Another bogey.

The fourth hole, as Donald Trump would say, was a disaster.  I hit a solid tee shot.  The second shot bounced away from the green.  I was 15 yards from the flag, chipping up the hill, and trying to avoid the bunker behind the green.  I managed to duff my first chip, got on the green with the second chip, and then two putted.  Essentially, it took me two shots to move the ball 270 yards and four more shots to reach the cup from 15 yards away.

The next two holes were par threes.  I managed to par the 174 yard hole after hitting the green and bogey the 191 yard hole.  No complaints there.

The seventh hole was a 355 yard par 4.  I hit a nice drive down the middle.  I also hit a great 9 iron into the wind and onto the green.  I had an 8 foot putt for birdie (see photo).  It was a slightly down the hill, right to left putt.  My read was correct and I got the birdie!

On the eighth hole, I hit a good drive.  My approach shot got me onto the green but I was 50 feet away from the pin.  It was an uphill putt but I managed to two putt for a par.

The last hole was a short par 4.  I hit my 3 wood left off the fairway.  My second shot was 6 feet right off the front edge of the green.  The flag was in the front so I had a tricky short chip.  Fortunately, I got the ball to bounce as intended and it rolled close to the pin.  I one putted for par.  I recorded a 37 on a par 33.  A +4 finish while having some fun in the sun.


  1. Very nice 1/2 round, sir.

    Now, fess up on the betting that was going on! We want to know about the REAL action! ;-)