Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Sometimes I ask myself Am I a thinking poker player?

Based on the last short session, the answer might be closer to a No than a Yes.  Let's look at the evidence.

I bought in for $200 and was hovering around $175.  After 30 minutes, a new player arrived with three stacks of red bullets ($300) and took seat 1.  He played tight, used position, and didn't make any mistakes from what I could tell.  I made a mental note to watch out for him.  Less than an hour later, we got into it.  

I'm dealt 2-3 in the big blind and he is in late position.  Three of us see the flop 4-5-5.  It's checked to him and he bets $10 and I'm the only caller.  Turn is a good looking A.  I check, he bets $25, I make it $50 and he goes all-in.  The pot was $239 and I was being asked to chip in $113 more.

I snap called.  That's right, I just went on autopilot.  It's not that I didn't put him on a hand.  I did.  I thought he had a 5 or an ace.  If I was a thinking player, knowing the opponent was a solid player, I would have reassessed the situation once he moved all-in.  Looking at the previous betting, he didn't bet pre-flop in late position.  He bet the flop and the turn.  He saw me showing strength when the ace hit and went all-in!

After I snap called, he asked me if I was holding A-5.  Right away, I knew that I was in deep trouble.  He had flopped a monster and showed 4-5 for the win.

If I had stopped to think after he moved all-in, I think there is a 30% chance that I could have found a fold.  Could you have folded a straight under these circumstances?


  1. [Sorry . . . my first attempt at a reply was an utter abortion of misspellings and other errors, which I promptly took care of. Let me try again]

    With the caveat that I suck at poker . . . I think that's a tough spot. I'm somewhat sucked in to a call by the "only" $113 more ... Personally, I think it would come down to my image of villain. Based on your description, he's likely not taking that line with an Ace. So, is he capable of that line holding a mere 5? The first hand that came to mind while reading through this was A5 . . . If the river bet is much more than $113, I think I find a pretty easy fold with the paired board and villain's image.... But, being only $113 . . . I think, if it were me, my decision may come down to how many coronas I've had ... Again, pretty ugly spot.

  2. Wow - tough spot. You are almost sure you are beat, but ... I think the main problem with $1/2 and $1/3 NL in some situations is that some players are really horrible. I need to get much better at knowing when a decent player has me and laying my second best hand down.