Monday, July 18, 2016

What Was I Holding

Hand 1: I finally got to play in July.  It was a profitable venture that included some interesting hands.  Instead of telling you my hole cards, let's have a quiz to see if you can figure out what I was holding.

I'm in seat 4, $400 behind, and limp-in with x-x.  Seat 6, on the button, makes it $11.  Seat 7 is a retired gentleman who has built a nice stack by playing a lot of hands.  He raises it to $22.  Seat 3 calls and I call knowing seat 6 will also come along.  As predicted, seat 6 calls and four of us see the flop.  The flop is 5
-5♠-A and I don't like it.

At this point, what could my opponents be holding.  Seat 7 raised out of position, he most likely is holding premiums.  
Seat 6 bet $11 initially, he might have a big ace or a mid pair.  I'm not sure what seat 3 might be holding, but he didn't impress me with his play earlier.

Surprisingly, it's checked around on the flop!  
The turn is a 3 and we all checked again.  I checked thinking that I was way ahead and one more free card wasn't a big deal.  What I should have been thinking is the size of the pot and placing a $60 bet to take it down.  The river was 5♣!  What a terrible card.  Seat 7 bets $20 and only gets a call from seat 6.  Seat 7 shows Q-Q and seat 6 folds.

Looking back at the hand, if one of my three opponents had an ace and I bet $60 on the turn, would he have called?  If he calls, the river kills my hand and I lose $88.  What bet on the turn would get A,x to fold and non ace hands to fold?

What was I holding?  Click the button below to find out.



  1. Figuring the 3-3 was easy. Unfortunately, what you saw in retrospect was what you should have done. A $60 bet (apprx 2/3 pot) should have either elicited folds or gotten someone you dominated to come along. You would have lost the hand on an unfortunate river, but would have played the hand correctly imo. Instead of $60, the bet also could have been a pot sized bet.

    Poker is such an EZ game to play with 20/20 hindsight!