Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Villain

I start out at table 7 in seat 8.  The table seems easy going.  The play wasn't particularly aggressive pre-flop.

Seat 5 is occupied by a middle aged woman.  Seat 9 is to a home new Asian guy who is in his forties.  He came inunconventionally and I'm starting to suspect he likes to gamble and to the game for $200.  He has played some hands very has a very wide starting range.  He tends to bet a little too much with second best hands.  The villain, in seat 6, has $190 after starting with a TBC-like oddball buy-in of $210.  The lady is nursing a short stack of $93.

The lady makes it $15, the villain calls, and then seat 9 makes it $60!  The lady wastes no time and pushing all-in for $93 total.  I'm thinking seat 9 has A,K but since he is loose that could also mean middle pocket pairs.  But the lady is showing a lot of strength too.

The villain pushes all of his chips in and seat 9 calls.  The flop is 10,2♣,5.  The turn is J♠.  The river is a 7♣.  The lady proudly flips over her K♠,K.  The dreaded pocket kings are no good because the villain flips over J,J♣!  The lady realizes what just happened, grunts, lets out a shriek, and then storms off into the night.  The Asian guy folds and says he didn't have pocket aces.

I'm not sure if the lady realized that there was no way for her to win the hand with such a short stack after the flop came down ten-high.  I forgot to mention that after two orbits in seat 8, I requested a seat change and moved.

The villain got lucky.  That villain was me.


  1. Begs the question: why did you buy in for $210.00?


    p.s. - nice suck out, sir ;-)