Friday, July 22, 2016

Superstition at MD Live!

I had strung together few winning sessions while playing on the first floor at Live.  They were nice scores too.  Today, I'll discuss one poker hand and describe my developing superstition at Live.

Live is a two story poker room.  I believe there are 26 tables on each floor.  I prefer to play on the first floor for a number of reasons which include distance to the cage, distance to a bathroom, better cell phone signal, and so on.  And, because I think I'm cursed when playing on the second floor!  I don't remember the last time I walked away a winner in a cash game while playing on the second floor.

I get to Live after work and asked to be seated in a $1/$2 game.  The poker room attendant told me to grab my chips and head upstairs.  I asked if there were any open seats on the first floor but the answer came back negative.  It was time to break the second floor spell!

No big deal, I grab my two stacks of redbirds, walk upstairs, and sit down in seat 7 at table 36.  The table is full but two players had stepped away.  It didn't take me long to realized that the table is playing tight.  There was a $500 high hand promotion going on every 20 or 30 minutes which typically means more action.  Not today.

I made it $12 in late position with A,J wiand everyone folded.  I won two or three more pots that didn't make it past the flop.  Sitting on $240, I was dealt K-7 on the button.  Seat 5 called, I called, and the BB bet $10.  Seat 5 called and I called.  The flop was K-8-7 and the BB led out for $20.  Seat 5 raised to $50.  Let's pause the action here and see what I should do.

Seat 5 called pre-flop, and then raised the flop!  The short time I was at the table, I didn't gather any valuable info on the guy.  He could have flopped a set.  I think he would have bet 8,8 pre-flop.  He could be on a flush draw, a straight draw, or both.  He doesn't have A,K probably.  He was either a big gambler or he had a good hand.

I called and the BB folded.  The turn was a 3 and seat 5 bet $70.  He only had $35 behind so I put him all-in.  He called and the river was a brick.  He showed K-8♠ for the win!

I really should have seen that coming.  He showed a lot of strength on the flop and there were very few hands that I was ahead.  I lost the rest of my buy-in few orbits later.

And the second floor curse lives on!

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