Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mr. Big Stack

This is the third and last post about my previous weekend session.

Within the first twenty minutes of sitting down, I was dealt A,A and won $75 on a 10,10,3,4 board.  Then, I got involved with seat 7 and sucked out (see previous post).  Later on, I was dealt K,K and won a small size pot.  I was dealt A-9 and won a medium size pot against Seat 3 who had 7,8 on a A,9,7,6,8 board that had three hearts.  I also won a pot with 8,8 on a 2,2,3,4,6 board.

Sitting in seat 6, covering all stack on the table, I get dealt 2-2♠.  I call a $12 (or $15) bet from seat 4, he is $150 behind.  Seat 7, $200 behind, comes along.  Flop is 2-A-7.  Seat 4, bets $30 and both of us call.  Turn is 6♠ and seat 4 bets $50.  I didn't want to give them another card so I announced all-in.  The dealer put the all-in sign in front of me.  Seat 7 thought about it for a while and folded.  Seat 4 took forever to make a decision.  I got a chance to take a photo as soon as he folded.  Seat 7 said he had A-J and seat 4 probably had an ace too.  I think it might have been a mistake to push on the turn?

As my towers of red chips kept growing, the guy in seat 10 started calling me Mr. Big Stack.  I exchanged few of my red chips for some greens with new players at the table.  I floated around $900 for few orbits.

My goal was to cash out a grand.  I lost two small pots and played one more orbit before the blinds made it back to me.  On the last hand (see previous post), I pulled off a bluff and ended the session with $980!


  1. In your hand with a set of 2s, there's no need to push all in on the turn. Both seat 4 and 7 most likely have an Ace with a Broadway card. On an A-7-2 rainbow board, seat 4 is making a C bet with an Ace. You know this because he continues on the turn with a $50 bet after two flop callers. Seat 7 is coming along with an Ace because the flop is so dry. It's highly unlikely he'll float with anything other than an Ace.

    And what's the worst case scenario for you? Seat 7 floats the flop with 7-6? So what if he hits his two pair on the turn? You're now a 96% favorite against him.

    And what if one of them has A-6? At best they're chasing 4 outs. Another 96% favorite for you. But since both of them likely have an Ace, then they're down to 3 outs. Even better for you.

    Just call the turn, and let seat 4 push his remaining $70 on the river. If seat 7 stuck around, then you can push and probably get the rest of his stack too.

    That's a nice picture btw. Next time, get that $1000 stack!

    1. Apologies. Bad math on my part. Against 4 outs you're a 91% favorite. Against 3 outs, you're a 93/94% favorite.

  2. Keep posting. I enjoy them. And get that $1000 stack!