Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hit by the Deck - Biggest Cash

I had $180 on me, so that was my buy-in at Live.  This table happened to be the same table where I cashed out $980 while in seat 6.  Only seat 1 was available, so I sat down.  I waited one hand for the button before playing my first hand. Before the first orbit was completed, seat 6 became available.  I told the dealer that I'll be moving to seat 6!

Sitting at my new favorite table, I observed the action and strength of each player.  It was fast paced and chips were flying.  Plenty of action and loose calls.  It was the type of table where your buy-in could easily be gone or you could triple-up in no time.  I was ready to join the fun since I was in my favorite seat.

I pulled of a bluff early and was up to $240.  Then, I had Q-10 and called a $12 pre-flop bet from seat 9.  Flop was Q-T-A.  He bet $15 and I called.  Turn was 5, he bet $40, and I called.  River was 9, he bet $18, and I called.  He flipped over A-5 for the win.

Down to about $130, I get 9-Q in mid position.  Seat 8 bets $12 and three of us call. Flop is A-T-9
and seat 8 throws out three redbirds while saying, "Forty."  Very quickly, he corrects himself and says he meant to say $14.  Dealer makes him put out $40.  The other two players fold quickly.  I was not ready to go away so fast and put on my thinking cap.  If he had a big ace, he would have bet more than $14.  And when the dealer made him put out $40, he wasn't too happy about it.  He made a mistake with the $40 verbal announcement.

So, it was time for me to make a decision.  Either I fold or I raise.  I decided that I can represent a better ace in this spot.  I announced all-in.  He says, "I call" and then mumbles something about two pair.  The turn and river were blanks.  He flips over 9-J
and I win the pot.  I wonder if he thought he had J,8 or 10,9 of clubs.  My read was correct but, as you can see, this was a gambling table (including me).  I could have easily lost that hand.

My pocket Q-Q were good enough to win $34 from a short stack who was all-in with 8,8.  Then, seat 2, $116 behind, bet $16.  There were two callers before I raised to $100.  Seat 2 goes all-in, the other players fold, and I put in $16 more.  He flips over A,K, and the board runs out Q-6-10-9
-3 I flip over J-J and take it down.

I look down at 9-6 and for $2 see a flop with seat 1, seat 3, and seat 5.  Flop of K-7-3.  Seat 3 bets $12 and we all call.  Turn is 8.  Seat 3 bets $30, seat 5 raises to $100 and I announce all-in.  Seats 1 and 3 fold but seat 5 puts in another $120 and is all-in.  River is 5♦ and I win.

In the big blind, I see the flop with seat 8 and seat 4.  Flop is 2-7-5
.  Seat 4 bets and both of us call.  Turn is 7, seat 4 bets $30, I call, and seat 8 goes all-in.  Seat 4 folds.  I call and the river is 3.  He flips over J-7 and I flip over Q-7.  Stack grows to over $850.

I won two or three more pots including one where my top pair held up against a straight flush draw (see here).  When it was all said and done, around 9:30pm, I cashed out my biggest stack!  My new personal best is turning $180 into $1370!  What is your biggest score?


  1. Good job, buddy. You played with some brass balls and were rewarded by the poker gods.
    Tell me, you prefer MDL over the Shoe? I find the action to be a lot more loose and aggressive with people dying to go all in at a moments notice at the Shoe, with their 1-3 game playing a lot more like a 2/5. Not too mention how claustrophobic and dark it is at MDL. What are your thoughts?

  2. Wow, nice job. Anytime you cash out for a profit of four times your buy-in, you've had a monster night. You did even better than that.

  3. going allin with the open ended str8 and flush draw, u got lucky. not recommended

    1. I don't have the energy to go through each street and figure out the pot size, but it may not be that bad a call. Just sayin'.

  4. Wow - great night! Cashing out with a four-figure profit in a $1/2 or $1/3 game makes for an excellent night. It seems to me that $1,200 - $1,300 is the highest I ever see anyone get unless they are playing wildly and getting a ton of action because of it. Getting over $1,000 means you had one of those nights where most things went right. However, at some point the cards and/or luck turn and you start giving some back. At least that is what I have witnessed a bunch of times. Congrats at getting out at or near the top.